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'2022 na, asal imburnal pa:' Recounting Nadine Lustre's iconic yearstart quips through the years

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Jan 04, 2022 5:38 pm

SONA? You mean, State of Nadine?

Actress Nadine Lustre has once again blessed the new year with a new catchphrase. This time, it's to put a stop to close-minded haters. On a Twitter thread, the 26-year-old called out those who resorted in ad hominem when it comes to arguing.

"This 2022 avoid arguing with people who resort to 'bobo,' 'tanga' or blocks u in a convo. Lets be civilized and have proper conversations like human beings," she wrote.

"2022 na, asal imburnal pa rin."

Lustre's words soon rang out through her fans and social media, as she's long been penning taglines to ring in the new year. Are you caught up with her annual SONAs? We trace back Lustre's iconic clapbacks through the years.

2017: "Come on guys, it’s 2017"

Back in 2017 when she was confronted to answer her live-in status with former boyfriend, James Reid, Lustre whipped out the famous line that started it all.

"If that was true, so what?" the actress said on a reporter's query. "It's normal na eh, come on guys! It's 2017."

When pressed further, Nadine iterated: "I'm not gonna confirm. I'm not gonna deny. But then, ano naman? I mean I'm not being rude naman but yeah."

2018: "2018 na, wala na bang bago?"

The following year, it was the comments section where Nadine made her opening remarks in response to a basher.

"2018 na, wala na bang bago?" the actress sarcastically replied on Instagram. She shortly turned off commenting for non-mutuals and kept it that way since.

2019: "It’s 2019! Stop shi--ng on other people. Be kind. Always"

In the 2019 rendition, Nadine took on a more positive messaging for her fans. Via Instagram Stories, she shared an art piece that read "Be a nice human" and added her own words to usher in the year.

2020: "Anu na 2020 na !!"

On Jan. 5, 2020, the actress hit back against the rumors that she had broken up with Reid. In a lengthy open letter to media columnists that confirmed the split, Lustre also opened up about her mental health struggles.

She capped off the letter with the words "Anu na, 2020 na!!" and a celebratory emoji to bring in the new year.

2021: "2021 na o. anuba"

For 2021, Lustre made it a point to champion some old fashioned fact-checking for the pandemic new year.

With Instagram stories at her disposal, the actress once again hit back bashers who were making comments about her wearing only bikini bottoms during a hike. Turns out, her denim shorts had gotten wet during the trek.

"Ikaw kaya magsuot ng basang maong habang naghihike," she wrote. "I can’t believe people really assumed that I hiked in a bikini."

"Balakayodiyan. Babalik na ko sa ulap."