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LIST: Must-have dishes for your Chinese New Year feast and where to get them

By Brooke Villanueva Published Jan 20, 2023 7:16 pm

Having a Chinese New Year feast at home?

We’ll be hopping into the Year of the Rabbit in just a few days. If you’re hoping to mark the occasion with your family but have no time to cook this weekend, fret not. We’ve rounded up some must-have Spring Festival offerings that are still available for orders in time for your Lunar New Year celebration on Sunday, Jan. 22. Read on. 

Whole duck 

According to Reader’s Digest, duck symbolizes unity and loyalty when served whole. It’s also believed to attract good fortune because of its reddish hue, which has been seen as the color that brings the most luck in Chinese culture. 

Eight Treasures is offering one whole roast duck alongside an irresistible promo where you could save up to P1,456. If you purchase one whole roast duck from the restaurant, you can get one whole white or soy chicken for free. 

Steamed whole fish

According to Food Network, steamed whole fish is one of the most famous must-haves for Spring Festival because the word “fish” is “yu” in Chinese—the same way that the word “surplus” is pronounced. That’s what makes it a symbol of wealth and prosperity. 

Red Chow is offering steamed golden pampano that could make your CNY celebration delightful with its explosion of flavors. It’s available in buddy size (P595/one whole piece) and family size (P1,100/two whole pieces). 

Radish cake 

Radish cake is a must in every Chinese New Year celebration. Food culture and Chinese etymology expert Siu Yan Ho told CNN International that white radish is called “choi tau” or “cai tou” in certain parts of China, which sound like “good luck” in their language. 

Tim Ho Wan’s Superior Radish Cake has long been a crowd favorite because it's equally thick and chewy. You can get it in any of its store branches for only P588. 

Sticky rice cakes 

Buchi is a symbol of growth since it gets bigger while it’s being cooked. It also represents good luck for its texture that’s believed to make luck “stick” with you all year round—just like tikoy or nian gao. 

Big 5 is offering buchi in different flavors—from white chocolate and choc nut (P240/P470/P700) to sweet cheese and custard & red egg (P260/P510/P760). It’s available in 10s, 20s, and 30s. If you order some large party platters from them, you can also get a box of special tikoy for free until Jan. 22. 


Round foods are important in every Chinese New Year dinner because they represent harmony and togetherness

Bao is a traditional CNY food—char siu pork buns, specifically—but if you’re looking for a modern take, you can count on House of Bao, which has both sweet and savory variants. Available until Jan. 22, savory baos are priced at P549/box of 12, while dessert baos are priced at P300/box of 12. Each box comes with a special CNY card, in case you want to give it as a gift to a loved one.