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Here's why the Year of the Rabbit 2023 could be a lucky year for the Philippines

By Ching M. Alano, The Philippine STAR Published Jan 17, 2023 6:14 pm

Ready to hop into the Year of the Rabbit

As the Year of the Tiger exits with a muffled growl at the stroke of midnight on Sunday, Jan. 22, the Year of the Rabbit comes hopping in and wagging its frisky tail until it leaves on Feb. 9, 2024.

Our lucky year

Philippine feng shui queen Marites Allen is happy to declare, "It's a lucky year for the Philippines, born on June 12, 1898, the Year of the Dog, who's the best friend of the Rabbit."

Fortunately, Marites points out, "The stars are aligning and the pandemic is almost over or we've gone through the worst of it, though there will always be a pandemic. After the very ferocious Tiger, the attitude of the Rabbit is calm and peaceful, nice and sweet, and it doesn't like stress. So, we're hoping for that kind of feeling to pervade this year." 

The Rabbit aligns with the very auspicious Romance and Academic Star No. 4, which is at the center of the Flying Star chart in 2023. This being so, there is some sense of reconciliation, harmonious, and peaceful interaction. "There could even be a possible truce in war-torn countries and international alliances among governments against discord," Marites discloses. 

It's a conflict year for President Bongbong Marcos, born in the Year of the Rooster (1957). "But his chart is going through a wealth cycle," Marites counters, "which means that the more he travels and brings in investments from other countries, the better. The Rooster has to keep moving so the Rabbit can't bother him." 

The Rabbit, 60 years ago 

The Year of the Rabbit last happened in 1963, 60 years ago, and it will take another 60 years for it to come back. Looking back, many memorable events happened in 1963, locally and internationally.

Marites names some, "US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Ferdinand Marcos was installed as Senate President. Iglesia in Cristo founder Felix Manalo died. Our 24 boy scouts perished in a plane crash on their way to the 11th World Jamboree in Greece (streets in Quezon City were renamed after them, like Scout Delgado St., to perpetuate their memory)."

"The year 1963 also saw a lot of world medical breakthroughs and monumental inventions. For instance, the first human lung transplant and the first successful liver transplant were performed. The measles vaccine was invented. Valium, a tranquilizer drug now widely used, was put on the market. The push-button telephone was introduced. The cassette tape was invented," she adds.

Feng shui, according to Marites, uses historical data to make an analysis of what will happen in the present. "There could be a repeat of history. Monumental inventions may happen again this year." 

Unfortunately, the scarce earth element in the Year of the Rabbit chart suggests a weakening of the earth's core which could bring about some disasters, such as earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, mining explosions, or similar earth movements. Expect air disasters, too. 

With COVID-19 (and its variants) still around, new diseases will arise, so everyone is advised to practice self-care and observe healthy living. 

What’s hot, what’s not

Marites notes the business trends/prospects in 2023. For instance, good luck shines brightly on our tourism industry. Since this year is all about movement, a lot of people will have a lot more fun traveling to the Philippines. 

Despite conflicts and recession in most parts of the world, the indication of wealth in the 2023 chart could bring good news to everyone. 

Marites is often asked: "Will the price of onions go down this year?" She laughs and gingerly replies, "That is beyond feng shui."

There will be more fluid investments in the form of land assets, agri farms, gold, silver, technology, or anything to do with Metaverse (virtual universe). 

Big businesses and companies can easily snap good deals on the market, meaning acquisitions and mergers will happen. 

The water-element industry will continue to thrive, like businesses related to shipping, water transport/activities, maritime, warehousing, and water refilling stations. 

Business is stable for the wood-element industry, such as agriculture, printing, fashion, and publication. 

Metal-related industries will experience a bit of movement, with new demands for technological supplies like computers, tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. 

Business looks good for the earth-element industry like container packaging, repacking of liquids, agri-related services, and produce (vegetables, poultry, manpower, property, mining).

Online banking and business-related functions, like e-commerce, will continue to shoot up. 

The fire-element industry and those related to metal and earth activities will make a great comeback. 

But of course, anything related to food (food supply, production, etc.) will always thrive. Same thing for industries, such as packaging, repacking, retailing, catering service, and online delivery.

Since the Dog is a friend of the Rabbit, Marites suggests going into business related to dogs, like selling puppies, dog food, even clothes and accessories which are already very popular these days with avid dog owners and lovers. 

To invite more luck into our lives, Marites shares that the lucky colors this year (since metal and earth are the two missing elements this year) are white, gold, silver (metal), and cream, beige, off-white (earth). Wearing earth-related gemstones or metal accessories, such as bangles, statement pieces, would be good. 

The lucky numbers, take double note, are always 1, 6, 8, 9. 

The lucky directions in 2023 are: south for wealth, north for future prosperity, west for windfall luck, center for love and romance, career and travel luck, which will benefit everyone in the family. 

* * * 

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