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Feng shui tips to attract luck in love and money to your home in the Year of the Water Tiger

By Ching M. Alano, The Philippine STAR Published Jan 28, 2022 4:37 pm

Home is where your luck is in the Year of the Water Tiger. In what sectors of your home (or office) will luck be lurking?

London-based feng shui queen Marites Allen maps out the auspicious sectors that will bring victory and prosperity on one hand and the unlucky locations that could spell illness and misfortune on the other hand.

Money luck

First, where's the money in the Year of the Water Tiger? Money luck is in the Northeast sector. This brings auspicious energies for both personal and business aspects, specially if you install water fountains, gold ingots or wealth ships in the Northeast sector. The Northeast Star shines brightly on the Tiger and Ox personalities this year. For a continuous flow of income, put infinity symbols, wealth crystal clusters or water features in the Northeast.

The auspicious Star 9 or Prosperity Star lives in the South sector of homes this year. This is a very auspicious sector for wealth luck, growth, and multiple opportunities. 

The Dragons and Snakes will have good luck not only in love and romance but also in career, academic, and travel opportunities.

Luck in love and romance

Where can you find love and romance in the Year of the Water Tiger?

The Southeast Star brings fabulous luck in love and romance to women, specially the Dragon- and Snake-born personalities. Cuddle up and enjoy the bed weather. The Dragons and Snakes will have good luck not only in love and romance but also in career, academic, and travel opportunities.

To keep love and romance alive, Marites suggests that couples display a pair of mandarin ducks or a double happiness symbol in the Southest sector of the home. And to put the spark back to a sexless marriage, couples should sure there are Mystic Knot and Double Happiness symbols in the Southeast location of their home.

Luck in career and income 

To all Rats out there, quit the rat race because the North Star brings positive prospects for you. This very auspicious white star enhances your career promotion and brings additional wealth income to your family as well as plenty of travel opportunities.

Display the Victory Banners or images, growing plants or water fountains in the North to invite networking luck.

Unexpected wealth

The Northwest sector of the home (or office) brings an indirect wealth star, which could mean good prospects for power, windfall in career and recognition for everyone in your household.

For good fortune, Dog and Boar people can wear the windfall and success amulet. 

The illness star

This inauspicious star in the Southwest sector challenges members of the household with health issues, particularly the Monkey- and the Sheep-born. Minimize these negative energies by displaying the protective medicine mantra or the health longevity plaque. 

The much dreaded Star in the Center brings negative effects, such as misfortune and accidents, to anyone in the family. To negate its effects, avoid creating loud noise, postpone any major renovations, and do not put bright lights at the center area of your home. 

Don’t go East

The Argumentative Star resides in the East, causing misunderstandings that could lead to court cases. Beware, Rabbit, as you can’t seem to hop away from frequent quarreling or petty fights, which could drain your energy and resources. Remove any water element in the East sector. Keep a low profile and avoid getting into heavy arguments.

The unlucky star

This year, there’s an unlucky star in the West area of the house or office. This star carries threats of robbery, violence, injury, accident, coupled with emotional stress. The Rooster faces the risk of losing money. Protect this sector by displaying fu dogs or the blue rhino and elephant. 

All told, for Marites Allen, a devoted mom, a lucky home is a place where love lives, beautiful memories are made, and laughter never ends. 

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