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The Year of the Water Tiger: 'There will be separation, aggression, unforeseen changes'

By Ching M. Alano, The Philippine STAR Published Jan 25, 2022 9:58 am Updated Jan 25, 2022 6:00 pm

As the clock strikes 12 midnight on Feb. 1, we bid the Year of the Metal Ox good riddance and welcome the Year of the Water Tiger with roaring confidence. 

"Yes, the tiger is a ferocious, very strong animal," says feng shui queen Marites Allen in her series of livestreamed 2022 forecasts for the Year of the Water Tiger. 

"When life knocks it down, the tiger gets up again. The tiger is aggressive; it's impatient, it waits for no one." 

The Tiger, the third of the 12 Chinese animal signs, represents energy, strength, leadership, purposefulness.

On the downside, Marites adds, "The tiger also represents vulnerability, sensitivity, overestimation, an all-or-nothing attitude. When the tiger is hot-headed, it's difficult to control it. The Year of the Water Tiger is coupled with aggression, tension, rebellion. How do you tame a tiger? So, we need to make sure that our reactions to everything are controlled. We need to stay calm, be balanced, and do things in moderation."

Living with COVID-19

As expected, attendees to Marites Allen's virtual feng shui events couldn't help asking, "Will there still be COVID-19?"

Marites' reply: "There could be, so we will have to live with it. But then, as I said, this will be a better time compared to what we experienced in 2020, when we still didn't have the vaccine and scientists didn't know what they were dealing with. The pandemic will bring on many more changes."

If there's anything that's pandemic-proof, it's feng shui. Fend shui is basically "the ancient art of positioning or designing one's surroundings or environment in harmony with the principles of natural energy (called chi) flow. It balances the energies of any given space to ensure good health and good fortune for the people inhabiting it."

Residents of Manila receive doses of the Covid-19 vaccine booster at a drive-thru vaccination center in the New Ospital ng Maynila on Jan. 19, 2022.

That said, Marites Allen gives us a sneak peek of what's in store for us in the Year of the Water Tiger. 

First off, the Year of the Water Tiger last happened in 1962, 60 years ago. It was a year full of drama: American astronaut John Glenn orbited the earth, actress Marilyn Monroe died, political icon Nelson Mandela was arrested, and the first James Bond film was released. Will this year be just as colorful?

"Some of us may never see the Year of the Water Tiger 60 years from now, but we can learn from what transpired in 1962 and be guided on what to do in the new year," Marites notes.

Feng shui queen Marites Allen: Be a tiger in 2022—aggressive, strong but in control.

In this year's chart, there are many wood and water elements, and some earth and fire as well, but there are no metal elements.

Marites points out, "Metal is a magnet that represents connection. Its absence indicates many forms of separation. The missing metal element means people will tend to act and do things independently, which implies division rather than partnership." 

It might as well be the Year of Separation. "Could be with your relationships, loved ones," Marites shares. "Anything that could separate people from one another because the energy, tension, arguments of the year are very strong. There will be misunderstandings, and political turmoil can also happen."

Mental health remains a top priority in 2022

That also means miscarriage of justice and human rights violations.

The Sky Horse Star present in the Year of the Water Tiger indicates that people will be moving to new places, meaning travel will be permitted, but sea and land disasters are likely to happen.

This could also be the time when the rich will suddenly fall.

Stronger youth voice

The government is warned to avoid scandals and shortfalls in service as this year is associated with rebellions. The young generation will be stronger than ever and their voices will be very powerful so political and business leaders should listen to them. Politicians should woo and gain the confidence and trust of the youth as they make a strong, smart voting population.

There will be fewer opportunities to make money for some, but the presence of wealth energies indicates some wealth benefits. "The rich will become richer and the poor poorer," Marites elaborates. "But this could also be the time when the rich will suddenly fall."

If you have the capacity to earn, do not put all your eggs (investments) in one basket.

Residents of Taguig participate at the mock election in Tenement Elementary School in Western Bicutan, Taguig City on Dec. 29, 2021.

The Misfortune Star 5 in 2022, as seen in the wood and water charts, could indicate drastic climate change, tsunamis, and water-related incidents. That same star could increase illnesses, specially in the digestive system, and show that COVID-19 will stay with us throughout the year.

On the other hand, new markets will open up for water element industries (maritime, ports, transport, aquaculture, shipping) as these businesses become more profitable.

Mental health remains a top priority in 2022 as the weak fire element in the chart indicates hopelessness, loneliness, and depression. Your patience will be tested this year. Don't set your expectations too high (or too low) but just right, lest they end up in disappointments.

"The key to 2022 is to take it easy, keep it cool," goes Marites' gentle reminder. "Sometimes, you can't change what is. Do not be ahead of your time. See it as it is, not worse than what it is."

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