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5 heartwarming moments we’ll definitely miss from ‘Hospital Playlist 2’ *SPOILERS AHEAD*

By Hannah Mallorca Published Sep 17, 2021 9:47 am

Life is a relentless battle. One person’s blessing can be someone else’s tragedy, while one’s opportunity can be a source of another’s sorrow. While the world is cruel, Hospital Playlist 2 shows that being surrounded by a supportive network can help you fight fiercely.

Hospital Playlist 2 showed that doctors, patients and their families, and other health workers have their own stories to tell. As we say goodbye to the 99z (Lee Ikjun, Ahn Jeongwon, Chae Songhwa, Kim Junwan, and Yang Seokhyeong) for the last time, let’s recall the five most heartwarming moments we’ll miss from this K-drama. 

If you’re not yet caught up with Hospital Playlist 2, this article might not be for you because it contains MASSIVE SPOILERS ahead. 

Chae Songhwa’s thoughtful words of wisdom

Songhwa is well-respected by her juniors for her extraordinary skills and straightforward personality. She also always gives helpful advice to those in need.

In the fourth episode, newbie doctor Heo Seonbin was asked to watch over a patient and report his condition. However, when the patient lost consciousness, she had to step in and save his life (while screaming at the doctor-in-charge if he was going to take responsibility or not). Thankfully, the patient’s condition improved. 

However, Seonbin felt guilty for insulting the doctor-in-charge. When she opened up her concerns to Songhwa, she was assured that her decisions were correct. 

Songhwa also advised Seonbin to follow her instincts. “Fight fiercely. That’s how you save a patient,” she added.

Band practices

Everyone has their personal hobbies outside of work. For the precious 99z, it’s band practice. 

Band practice is the 99z's escape from work where they can catch up with their daily lives. One of our favorite jamming sessions is on Episode 6 where they performed Superstar by Lee Hanchul.

Superstar seems cheesy at first listen, but its uplifting lyrics and cheerful tune is a reminder that everything will be okay. Plus Songhwa, who’s tone-deaf, was allowed to sing at the final chorus.

‘Aren’t doctors human too?’

Junwan has always been caring to his closest friends and loved ones. But at work, he’s known for being serious and focused 24/7.

When one of Junwan’s patients passed away, he asked resident Lim Changmin to announce his time of death. Changmin, who trembled as he called out the time of death, burst into tears. Junwan had to take over after.

After their duty, Changmin apologized to Junwan for being unable to “hold back his tears” on the job. Junwan, who smiled at the resident’s apology, assured him that it’s okay to cry, but he needs to do his job first.

“Aren’t doctors human too? It’s okay, you can cry. I don’t particularly want to tell you to hold back or hide those feelings. However, you still have to do your job. Making that decision is also a doctor’s job,” Junwan said.

99z, in general

Before Hospital Playlist 2’s premiere, the main cast revealed that their friendship chemistry will be “elevated” since they have gotten closer.

“It’s almost like we don’t even need words to communicate. That’s how close we have become,” Jo Jungseok (Lee Ikjun) added.

And the 99z’s friendship chemistry has definitely grown from the first season. The final episode showed the doctors looking at the sunset and you can feel their mutual support through the screen. 

The five besties are happily in love

One of the highlights of Hospital Playlist 2’s finale episode is seeing the “99z” ending up with their respective partners. 

Basically, watching Episode 12 feels like you’re watching a gooey lovefest featuring the IkSong couple (Ikjun and Songhwa), Wintergarden couple (Jeongwon and Gyeowool), Gomgom couple (Seokhyung and Minha), and Bidulgi couple (Junwan and Iksun).

Hospital Playlist 2 also showed that these couples have their own themes, namely, timing (IkSong), patience (Wintergarden), courage (Gomgom), and understanding (Bidulgi).

You can catch up with Hospital Playlist 2 on Netflix. But before that, make sure to check out its first season. 

Banner and thumbnail photos from tvN