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Romance komiks you can read online in 2022

By EK Gonzales Published Feb 11, 2022 5:38 pm

Welcome again to love in the time of… well, a different plague.

Nonetheless, many creators continue to believe in the power of love to change the world, or even change a day for the better. We hope these titles will help you keep believing in love. 

Webkom titles 

As of this article Webkom was clocking 140 titles with romance elements between komiks and online novels, at varying levels of skill, kinds of genres, and presentation. So, there are very many options and many kinds of stories, just give many of them a try. Here are only a few places to start. 

Only the komiks were considered. Reader favorites Westman Clan and White Crown were in the romance list but are better considered as fantasy titles (give them a chance, though, they’re quite okay).

With You, Forever (RhonMBLS)

High schooler Levi has liked Rhonalhyn for quite a while and finally mustered up the nerve to give a love letter. Lhyn, though, turned him down… then wondered if that was the right decision.

The Flower Blooms (LilyElle and Janenajla10)

Gabriel is a new transfer student who Mercedes initially meets while playing basketball one evening. Mercy soon has a crush on Gab, and the feelings may be mutual. 

Bitter Smile (Yuki Potatoworks)

If you’re willing to tolerate the right to left presentation, the komikero actually has a good sense for story, characterization, and pacing. These are several interconnected bittersweet love stories around several high school students falling in love with each other.

I LOVE YOU (Kenshii03)

Evie and Renz are childhood friends that are the kind of older friends who keep arguing. Evie likes Renz’s older brother Ace, but Renz likes Evie as more than a friend, he’s just having trouble saying it directly. Yes, it’s getting complicated. 

Penlab titles 

As of this article Penlab has 44 romance titles in their catalog, not even counting those that are placed in other genres. So, there is something for everyone, just take a chance on the available titles. Some titles previously mentioned will not be repeated, but are still worth your time. Some are better considered as drama but are also good. 

Serendipity (Jeri)

Kei and Mari keep running into each other—at the record store, at the bookstore, at the coffee shop. All of this meeting each other eventually leads into something more, toward intentionally meeting each other, and being more than friends. 

In His Universe (Chocnut-san) 

Now complete and currently the important piece of work from this master of pen and ink, Joanne travels across mirror dimensions hoping to find the one where she and Noel are together. It is not as simple as it sounds. But it is incredibly beautiful in its masterful detail work.

Sari-Sari Story (Kar Vic)

Now with a regular following both on Penlab and Twitter, it is a running series of comedy panel comics. A supermarket employee has a gay crush on his workmate, with all the highkey and lowkey hijinks and unintended innuendo that happens along the way. 

Aya’s Romantic Komikera Debut (Maria Maranan)

Only one chapter though as of release time, Aya—an anime convention regular and a first-time seller at a local komik convention—falls for another komikera and zinester, one that is her complete opposite. Please hope the story continues.

AmiXApril (Ren Galeno) 

Ren Galeno is a rising master of the horror genre, but this isn’t scary, it’s actually funny. April literally conjured up her ideal tall dark and handsome boyfriend, and there are consequences to this. Just not the expected creepy ones. This is a panel comic series. 

Bewitched (Nico Santana and Andrea Ting) 

First released several years ago as an adorable fantasy oneshot, young wizard Walt likes barista Charlie (a girl), but Walt is rather shy and is having trouble mustering the will to tell her. 

Moving On (Richard Mercado) 

Alex is used to moving every year as part of his mother’s work. But last year he returned to the Philippines, and met Steven. Now Alex has to leave again, and moving on is different now. This is a oneshot. 

How My Boyfriend and I Confessed to Each Other (kwag0s) 

A popular oneshot on Penlab, a step-by-step guide to how misplacing an adapter led to a relationship between the author and her boyfriend. 

The Burger Refuses (Ryan) 

Only one chapter as of release time, but adorable feels as childhood sweethearts may still end up current sweethearts after meeting on a dating app. 

Mixd titles 

Formerly Komikspot, there are a good number of komik titles using their services, and some of them are romance. If you are okay with a premium login, that feature would unlock some more titles. 

Snippets of Love (RozenCreuz) 

Jun and Hyori separately see each other while around college and admire what they see in the other’s personality. They eventually meet each other at a coffee shop. Hope for more from this cute series. 

LRT (Y.A. Miller) 

Denvy is a student who regularly takes the LRT to school. On one fateful day she encounters another passenger who makes her fall head over heels during the train ride home. This is a one-shot story. Go read the Filipino version for better effect. 

Other komik portals such as Kudlis, Iris Comics, Kwentoon, and Fliptoons also have some romance titles if you are willing to have a login account. 

For now, we hope these titles and more remind you that love still makes the world go around, and there is still love to be had in life. Support a good love story during the month of love!