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It’s been three years since IZ*ONE debuted! Take a trip down memory lane with these 14 b-side tracks

By Hannah Mallorca Published Oct 31, 2021 1:31 pm

It’s been three years since IZ*ONE debuted with the flower-inspired track La Vie En Rose. Unfortunately, it’s also been six months since their heartbreaking disbandment.

Fresh out of the survival series Produce 48, the 12 members of IZ*ONE made a statement in the industry with their elegant fairy tale-inspired debut. Since then, they became one of the leading girl groups in K-pop’s 4th Generation. With beautiful faces, all-around aces, and commanding stage presence, they’re a girl group that feels too good to be true. 

However, in April 2021 since the members went on their separate ways. They’re meant to be temporary, but they’ve made unforgettable memories that will stay in fans’ hearts forever. 

As IZ*ONE recently celebrated its third debut anniversary, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane with 14 of their b-side tracks. 


Eyes is the textbook definition of a curveball when explained through a song. It starts on a dreamy note with Chaewon’s fairy-like voice, until Yuri immediately changes the direction of the track completely. This song is one of the best ways to describe IZ*ONE as a group perfectly. 


Have you ever seen anything, have you ever seen this color?” The members of IZ*ONE distinguish themselves through their assigned colors which seamlessly blend into one. Colors offers a glimpse into the girl group as they describe their colors as “beautiful.” 


UP is the ultimate pick-me-up track, especially if you’re not in the mood to work. Listening to this bright track is the perfect way to start your day on an energetic high. Despite its cheerful tone, there’s something melancholy about its lyrics “Write it on the clouds so it wouldn’t disappear.”

Pink Blusher

Pink Blusher is bubblegum pop done right. It’s cute without being too sickeningly sweet. It’s playful without being too childish. Plus, it’s the type of track that’s perfect to sing along. Hitomi, Nako, and Wonyoung’s vocals definitely shone in this song. 


IZ*ONE embraces their elegant fairy tale-inspired concept to a tee. But Ayayaya shows that the girl group can be sexy and classy as well. Listening to this moombahton trap track makes you feel like the star of the show.

Love Bubble

Another bubblegum pop-inspired track, Love Bubble is a surprise addition to IZ*ONE’s Japanese album “Vampire.” It’s a break from the group’s cutesy tracks which usually follow a fast tempo without straying from their unique image.


I’m gonna feel this dream just like how I imagined.” Is Wonyoung a genius lyricist or what? Dreamlike is a peek into her thoughts, as she hopes to confidently push for her dreams no matter what comes in her way. 


It’s sad how Mise-en-Scene is one of IZ*ONE’s underappreciated tracks because its production is masterfully done. Listening to this track feels like going through the scenes of a one-reeler film.


If there’s one thing we could say about Daydream, it’s obvious that the producers had fun in making this track. The retro-inspired beat, electro groove, and strong bassline made the track into an addictive bop. Plus, whoever decided to make Yujin sing the chorus knew what they were doing. 


Undoubtedly, Highlight is the best track in their second mini-album “HEART*IZ.” The track feels like Red Velvet’s Peek-A-Boo’s long long sister sprinkled with a more elegant version of the girl crush concept. It’s sophisticated and hauntingly addictive, you’ll find yourself singing “Highlight, look at me” all day long. 


Move over, Ayayaya! Sequence is IZ*ONE’s way of saying “Don’t underestimate us, we can be sexy and classy ladies too.” We love how the track manages to build up and add more hype, without losing its refined vibe.


You and I who stood and faced each other beneath the cherry blossoms is no coincidence.” Destiny feels like the opening of a romantic anime where two soulmates are destined to meet at the right place and time. 


There’s something melancholy about WITH*ONE since it feels like a love letter from IZ*ONE to their fans. The lyrics feel painful too because the girl group themselves knows their time together is temporary, but they’re thankful that it made them better. 

Slow Journey

Slow Journey can be described as a “traumatic” song for fans since it was one of the final songs they sang together as a group. Even so, you would feel Chaewon’s sincerity as a lyricist as she hopes that the group’s journey, like time, would pass slowly.