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The gays are winning: Tumblr's top 12 fandom ships for 2022 are all queer

By AYIE LICSI Published Dec 07, 2022 7:01 pm

The fandoms have spoken and their favorite ships are all queer.

Like Spotify with Wrapped, Tumblr released a 2022 recap of its most popular pairings from beloved TV series. With the amount of queer shipping dominating photosets, fanart, and fanfics on the social platform, it's no surprise that the top 12 couples on that list are all same-sex pairings.

After the fourth season of Netflix's hit series Stranger Things, fans were introduced to an unseen of Will—one that's harboring a not-so-subtle crush on his best friend Mike. While Mike is still in a relationship with Eleven, his ship with Will, called  "Byler," emerged as Tumblr's top pair for 2022.

Coming in second was another match from the Netflix show: "Steddie," a ship between Steve Harrington and season 4 fan favorite Eddie Munson. "Ronance," the coupling of Robin Buckley and Mike's sister Nancy Wheeler came in fifth—fans can't get enough of their chemistry, especially when Robin dressed up in Nancy's prim and proper clothes.

Last year's top ship, Supernatural's "Destiel" (Dean Winchester and Castiel), fell down two spots but is still pretty popular at third even though it's been over two years since Castiel was sent to Super Hell. If fans remember, actor Misha Collins came out as bisexual in April 2022 but backtracked, clarifying that he misspoke.

Did any of yours make the charts? Here's a list of the rest of the top 12 same-sex ships on Tumblr.

  1. Byler (Will Byers and Mike Wheeler, Stranger Things)
  2. Steddie (Steve Harrington and Eddie Munson, Stranger Things)
  3. Destiel (Dean Winchester and Castiel, Supernatural)
  4. Bluebonnet (Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet, Our Flag Means Death)
  5. Ronance (Robin Buckley and Nancy Wheeler, Stranger Things)
  6. Buddie (Evan Buckley and Edmundo Diaz, 911)
  7. Lumity (Luz Noceda and Amity Blight, The Owl House)
  8. Nandermo (Nandor the Relentless and Guillermo de la Cruz, What We Do in the Shadows)
  9. Geraskier (Geralt of Rivia and Jaskier, The Witcher)
  10. Piltover’s Finest (Caitlyn Kiramman and Vi, Arcane)
  11. Hannigram (Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham, Hannibal)
  12. Supercorp (Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor, Supergirl)