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They're here, they're queer, get used to it: Celebrities who came out as LGBTQ+ in 2022

By AYIE LICSI Published Oct 11, 2022 5:40 pm

Everybody say love!

This 2022, celebrities have boldly come out as part of the LGBTQ+ community, sharing their inspiring stories with others who are coming to terms with their sexuality and identity.

Just days before National Coming Out Day, celebrated every Oct. 11, some big stars hinted at also waving the rainbow flag, like Madonna and Emily Ratajkowski. Meanwhile, there are others who came out of the closet earlier this year—from musicians to actors and influencers.

Gina Pareño

In July, veteran actress Gina Pareño set the record straight about her sexuality, confirming she's a member of the LGBTQ+ community in an interview with Ogie Diaz.

"Oo, bakit [may] problema? Saka nagmahal ako ng tapat," she said.

Pareño also talked about her love for late actress Nenita Vidal who she lovingly called Doctor Bong. 

"Tinuturuan niya ako kung paano kumilos, lahat," the actress said. "Binigay niya sa akin 'yung naiwan niyang bahay. Saka alam kong mahal na mahal ako no'n."

Cynthia Erivo

Daytime Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award-winning actress Cynthia Erivo, who's set to star in the 2024 film adaptation of Wicked, opened up about being bisexual as part of British Vogue's 2022 Pride issue.

"[LGBTQ+ people] still feel the need to be constantly justifying why we deserve to be treated as equal beings when really the only difference is that we love differently and we express ourselves differently,” she said.

“Rather than being chastised for that, we should be commended for being brave. That’s the most important thing: giving people the space to show up fully as who they are.”

Janelle Monáe

Grammy Award-winning singer Janelle Monáe has been part of the LGBTQ+ community, initially coming out as bisexual and then pansexual. In 2022, they told the world that they identified as non-binary. 

"It resonated with me, especially as someone who has pushed boundaries of gender since the beginning of my career," Monáe told The Cut. "I feel my feminine energy, my masculine energy, and energy I can't even explain"

Isaiah Rashad

31-year-old American rapper Isaiah Rashad came out as sexually fluid in a Patreon interview with Joe Budden. A sexually fluid individual is someone whose attraction isn't fixed.

"I'd say I'm sexually fluid," Rashad said. "I'm still learning about it myself. I'm putting my head in the books to find out the basics of it, but, basically, I'm not in full control of who I'm attracted to."

"I have an understanding with myself to not expect anything out of myself as far as an attraction."

Rebel Wilson

The Pitch Perfect alum announced that she was LGBTQ+ when she shared a photo announcing her new same-sex relationship.

"I thought I was searching for a Disney prince but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess #loveislove," Rebel Wilson wrote.

Willow Shields

Little Primrose Everdeen is all grown up! The Hunger Games actress came out as bisexual on Instagram during Pride Month.

"Hi, I'm bi," she captioned on a photo where she's raising a rainbow flag.

Ava Philippe

Reese Witherspoon's daughter Ava Philippe spilled the tea in an Instagram Q&A when someone asked her if she liked girls or boys.

"I'm attracted to... people! (Gender is whatever)," she said.

Jerrod Carmichael

Comedian Jerrod Carmichael came out as gay in his stand-up special, saying he no longer wanted to keep his true self a secret. He said he "felt like a liar" after his father's infidelity became public knowledge.

"After that was out in the open, I was left alone feeling like a liar, because I had a secret. One that I kept from my father, my mother, my family, my friends, and you. Professionally, personally. And that secret is that I'm gay," he said.

Jaiden Animations

Known for her quirky and fun videos, YouTuber Jaiden Animations told her subscribers that she's aroace, short for aromatic asexual. An aromatic person experiences little to no romantic attraction while an asexual individual feels little to no sexual attraction. However, this doesn't mean they can't be in relationships or don't ever have sex.

"I just suddenly thought to myself, 'Wait do people actually feel these things towards each other? Like all these mushy lyrics are real emotions? They're not joking?' That's when I started feeling like something was different," she recounted in a YouTube video titled "Being Not Straight."

"[I've] never been magnetically attracted to the look or shape of a single person in my entire life and did not realize it was a real thing until very recently."

Understanding the aroace label helped her "feel much more confident and sure of myself."

Miel Pangilinan

Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan's second daughter Miel Pangilinan came out as queer for Pride Month and clarified that she's not a lesbian. This year would be her first pride month as openly queer, which was "emotional and freeing" for her.

"I am queer. queer ≠ lesbian. If you’re going to inform people, inform yourself first. And at least give my post a proper read-through before making a post about it... There are more identities than lesbian and gay lol," she said.