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Single and ready to? These K-pop songs are perfect for different types of ‘singles’ this Valentine’s Day

By Hannah Mallorca Published Feb 14, 2022 10:54 am

Of course, not everyone will spend Valentine’s Day with a special someone. Many singles will enjoy their independence, work for their bills, go on solo dates, or jam out to songs that celebrate singlehood. 

If you’re looking for songs to add to your “single and ready to” playlist, we’ve handpicked a collection of K-pop tracks that suit different types of singles. These songs channel the inner sad girl or sad boy, naughty side, the satisfaction of being solo, and more. What better way to celebrate being single life than singing one's heart out to these songs?

The ‘Edi kayo na masaya’ single

What the Spring?? by 10cm

10cm’s What the Spring is probably the singles’ national anthem for couples. His sweet voice and acoustic rhythm—with its tongue-in-cheek lyrics all blend into a track that’s perfect for singles to sing along. We can’t stop singing (and laughing) to the lines, “Are the cherry blossoms that pretty, you dummies? / The blossoms will fall / You guys should fall apart too / I wish you misfortune.”

Spring Fever by Mamamoo

This acoustic track is bitter and hopeful as Mamamoo sings about being jealous of “my friends on the timeline [who] are in love.” While the lyrics are about moaning about not being asked out on a date, the latter half of the track shifts tone into a persona who’s learning how to be contented with being single.

So So by Baek Ayeon

So so is “Everyone’s in love except me” translated into a song—minus the sass. But don’t be fooled with its kinder tone. It’s still as bitter to happy couples and singles who couldn’t find the love of their lives. The track is sadly relatable since it talks about going out with different people while getting bored with the dating scene.

The naughty single

Peaches by Kai

Peaches is an alluring, titillating, and engaging track that takes listeners on a carnal ecstasy. The naughty song wraps listeners into a spell, blurring the line between romance and sexual fantasy. With Kai’s soft vocals and the “feels good to be the bad guy” in the chorus, it gets you in the mood to get down with someone.

Sexuality by Taemin

How could we forget about Taemin—the man who has a stash of sexy songs in his discography? Sexuality is straightforward, dominant, and poetic since the lyrics talk about feeling naughty in a metaphorical way. Taemin reminds us that there are times where “Old fantasies, faith / Even dreams will kneel before it” or in other words, there are days where we just feel horny.

Back Seat by JYJ

An oldie, but naughty goodie. JYJ takes us on a panty-dropping ride with Back Seat, a sexy bop that talks about getting dirty with a partner in a vehicle. The trio lets out their sensual desires, and the R&B outro turns up an already fiery track. Trust us: You need to get a glass of water and a fan after listening and understanding the song’s sexy lyrics.

The ‘sad boy/sad girl’ single

Anti-Romantic by TXT

TXT whisks us off into a pessimistic dreamland where a past love that went sour prevented the persona from giving his love. The bittersweet anthem apologizes for being “anti-romantic” in its relatable, sad boy glory—where TXT captures the regret of not wanting to fall in love.  

Gone by Rosé

BLACKPINK’s Rosé croons about a love that’s “dead and gone” with an acoustic ballad that captures her agony. Gone deals with the shock, anguish, and hatred after losing someone where the persona’s heart was “broken just for fun.” If you’re looking for a song to make you feel sad on Valentine’s Day, this sad girl-esque track is the one.

Pretend by Suzy

The stripped-down, jazzy Pretend is an ode for those who are pretending to be happy as they pine for a past love. The instrumental is intentionally soft—almost like a whisper—emphasizing Suzy’s voice and her agony at its best. If the lyrics “Pretending to be happy again / Pretending to be happier” didn’t hit a nerve, you probably have a heart of stone.

The ‘please date me’ single

Snake by Medusa (Girls Planet 999)

The moombahton-trap Snake is powerful and domineering—and its performance is equally charismatic. Compared to other lovesick songs that ask someone if they can date, this track commands a person to ask them out. Kind of like a “You will date me” sort of vibe. While the song’s vibe is a turn-off for traditional singles, the powerful outro and lyrics feel like confidence boosts to win someone’s heart.

Miniskirt by AOA

A K-pop fan who knows Brave Brothers is familiar with its tried-and-tested (and repetitive) formula. AOA’s Miniskirt is an epitome of a formula done so well—that other songs pale in comparison. This sexy track is a tempting invitation to the apple of one’s eye, with a ton of innuendos in between.

Rose (English ver.) by D.O.

It’s hard to not fall in love with Kyungsoo after listening to Rose. The acoustic melody and sweet lyrics are equal parts kilig overload, sunshine, and rainbows summed into a chirpy, heart-fluttering track. While the Korean version (penned by Kyungsoo himself) is an ode to a lover, the English version is an adorably assertive way to steal someone’s heart. “If you need a lover / Let me know” Kyungsoo, be our lover, please?

The ‘my jowa and I broke up’ single

I Don’t Know You Anymore by Eric Nam

While no one knows what happened to Eric’s love life, I Don’t Know You Anymore feels like his desire to break free from heartbreak. Albeit its shady title, the song feels like someone who wants to move forward with his life—with his past love serving as a memory and a helpful lesson.

We Don’t Talk Together by Heize and Giriboy

Singer-rapper Heize gets real about dealing with heartbreak with We Don’t Talk Together, a song that mourns a couple’s failed relationship due to lack of communication. It’s painful—almost to the point of insanity—to part ways with a lover you can’t meet halfway, and Heize captures the heartbreaking desperation really well.

One Way Love by Hyorin

The laidback One Way Love feels like a contrast to Hyorin’s powerful vocal abilities, but she packed a punch with emotion. The song is a heartbreaking ode into toxic past lovers who left their former partners empty and desperate to get their lives back on track. Singles (who broke free from toxic relationships) will recognize the anger and pain in this track, pushing them back to square one. 

The ‘unrequited pining’ single

My Answer by EXO

Beautifully sung by EXO’s D.O., Baekhyun, and Suho, My Answer is an emotive pop ballad that tugs at your heartstrings. The track lets out the feels with “I should’ve been more careful / I should’ve saved myself / So, I wouldn’t get hurt.” While EXO’s vocal line (sans Chen and Xiumin) were subdued in the verses, they went all out in letting out their emotions in the chorus and bridge.

Lie by Jimin

Jimin channeled his inner emo rockstar with Lie as he sings about being involved in an emotional tug-of-war with his unrequited love. The BTS’ lead vocalist and main dancer begs his love to “Pull me from this hell / I can’t be free from this pain,” despite “Tell me like you’re whispering in my ear / Don’t be like a prey.” It’s a welcome change from the septet’s usual blend of R&B and Hip-Hop, which Jimin pulls off so well.

Candy by Red Velvet

The sugar-coated and bittersweet Candy talks about the fear of being attached to someone, haunted by the possibility of letting them go. The song almost feels like an ode to an overwhelming burst of happiness and sadness—and Red Velvet captures these conflicting emotions with their beautiful vocals.

The ‘who needs a jowa’ or contented single

Solo by Jennie

Solo is a classy and ear-catching track that inspires singles to be unapologetically confident and to love “me, myself, and I.” While the song talks about Jennie breaking free from a past “love story,” the chorus embodies self-love as she declares that she’s a “shining solo.”

I Don’t Need a Man by Miss A

The moment Min started off with “This is for all the independent ladies,” we knew this will be an empowering headbanger. The track is an embodiment of self-love and -growth, where Miss A talks about living comfortable lives, paying bills, and treating yourself as a strong, independent woman. It’s hard to not raise your glasses and cheer when Suzy crooned “I can be good without a man.”

Palette by IU feat. G-Dragon

While Palette is IU’s diary from when she was 25 years old, it’s about having your own back without relying on anyone else. The laid-back, empowering song is an ode to living your life without satisfying the standards of others.