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Nadine Lustre talks about childhood, importance of her parents in her career in first vlog

By Melanie Uson Published Mar 04, 2023 7:49 pm

Nadine Lustre is not made but born, for the camera.

On Friday night, March 4, the actress-singer finally released her first-ever vlog on her YouTube Channel. 

In the nearly 10-minute video, Nadine narrated her journey in her career as an artist, while also sharing a glimpse of her younger self before she stepped foot in the entertainment industry. 

For starters, Nadine shared what she was like as a young child, describing herself as boyish and liked playing with cars, specifically her dad’s Tamiya, instead of dolls. 

Like most kids, Nadine shared how she enjoyed biking and playing Pinoy childhood games like Doctor Kwak Kwak, Chinese Garter, Tagu-taguan, and Habulan with her friends. 

Besides those, she also shared how she liked playing computer games, she enjoyed it so much that she had a point in her childhood when she stopped playing with her friends. 

Nadine shared how she was naturally curious as a child, recalling that she liked playing with tadpoles she finds in their pond. 

“We had a pond at home, that pond would always be full of tadpoles,” she shared. “I would pick them up and observe, and I liked it when you can see the tiny little legs popping up to the side of their bodies.”  

"When you're a kid, you're just curious about everything," she said.

Nadine then went on to the most personal parts of her life, like her fear of ghosts, the moment she was pranked by her dad, and the caterpillar stuff toy named “Cathy” that she used to talk to when she was young, which she still has until today. 

She also shared her childhood dreams, from wanting to be a manga artist and a voice actor—fueled by her interest in anime—to also wanting to be a painter. 

The 29-year-old actress then began recalling how she forayed into the entertainment industry, showing snippets of her first acting gigs—from doing a New Year commercial to hosting a theme park’s variety show, where she enjoyed singing, dancing, and simply enjoying the rides. “It was fun, so it didn’t feel like I was working,” she said. 

Other than acting, Nadine is also known for her passion for music, having been able to release various singles in her career.  

“Music was such a big part of my childhood, my mom listens to a lot of pop, [and] my dad listens to a lot of genres,” she shared. 

“I like to believe I have good taste in music, and it’s all thanks to my parents,” she said and then shared how she love and was inspired by Britney Spears. 

Nadine said she loved performing but didn’t expect to be where she is right now. She attributes her success to her parents who believed in her potential.  

"It's not something that I expected, I guess my parents saw a lot of potential in me so they encouraged me to go out there and kind of show myself," she said.

As a "bibo kid," Nadine shared how frustrated she was in her teenage years when she didn't get the chance to attend high school.

"I was so frustrated when I was a teenager because I didn't go to high school, so I didn't get to experience that life," she recalled. "But eventually, I got over it," she said, and then went on to share what matters the most in moving forward.

"I realized that what I'm doing is pretty amazing, so I just kept going and found myself in the middle of all of this," she continued. "It's tough, but I know that this is my dream." 

Looking back at her life, Nadine can only be grateful for the ups and downs she experienced which helped her become what she is right now. 

"I can't wait for the rest of my life to unfold. I don't know where this road is gonna take me but one thing's for sure, the girl on your screen right now is loving every minute of this," she concluded. 

Watch her vlog below.