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LIST: Need some guidance? Here are some local tarot card readers you can count on

By Melanie Uson Published Oct 25, 2023 2:17 pm

It’s almost 2024, and this might be the best time to plan for a productive and harmonious year.

If you aren’t sure where to start or are having difficulty processing all the experiences you learned so far, why not consult with a tarot card reader?

Apart from getting insights from your horoscope, an excellent way to know more about your past, present, and future self is through tarot card reading, where you can ask questions about love, career, and self-development, excluding legal and medical queries.

Today’s interest in this practice has become so hot that you can easily book a session with your preferred readers.

If you need clarity, healing energy, and guidance, PhilSTAR L!fe rounded up some local tarot readers you can count on. Just note that readings are merely a guide and not a “blueprint” of what will happen in your life. 

Therapeutic Tarot & Spellwork by Mary
Therapeutic Tarot & Spellwork by Mary 

You might have come across Mary of The High Priestess on YouTube or TikTok, where she provides her viewers with messages they can resonate with. 

But did you know she also offers enlightenment through personal tarot readings? She does them differently depending on your needs: Janus for past and future insights, Aphrodite for relationships, and Genao for shedding light from your past life, among others. 

Her services start at P999 for a 15-minute session, and readings are sent to your provided email address as a video recording.

Note that Mary doesn’t do same-day readings. She also does not entertain health, financial, and legal questions.

Book a reading via her Instagram page at @thehigh_priestesss. You can also get tarot-inspired intention candles from her that you can meditate with to manifest or send your messages and energy out into the universe.

Gabriel Thoth
Gabriel Thoth

Gabriel is an Intuitive Tarot Reader, Spiritual Transformation Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Specialist, and Holistic Energy Healer. 

He offers services such as past life tarot reading and regression as well as soulmate and twin flames tarot consultation for clarity about soul connection with a specific person, applicable for those in separation and those in union for better relationship foundation. He does readings about love in all forms. 

Gabriel also caters to readings about business, career, and dream interpretations. Each consultation runs for 30 minutes to an hour. He does in-person and online services, depending on what kind of reading you pick.

Book a session with him via Instagram at @iamgabriel.tarot.

Essil Gandhi
Essil Gandhi

Spiritual coach and Vedic astrologer Essil Gandhi offers 13 different tarot readings, covering topics such as Dhyana for clarity of mind, heart, and spirit; Hakini for improvement or healing in relationships; Rudra for guidance in achieving goals; and Kundali for spiritual compatibility between you and your partner.

If you’re new to this and aren’t sure yet what kind of reading to choose, she offers Gyan, an introduction to tarot reading where you can ask two light questions within 30 minutes. Those with a busy schedule can also opt for Buddhi, an offline reading you can return to at any time.

Her services range from P888 to P2,222. Depending on your reading, they last for 30 minutes to two hours. 

Book her services at

El Tarocchi
El Tarocchi

El has been a self-taught intuitive tarot reader since 2005 and a certified reiki practitioner who aims to bring her clients a sense of truth and clarity.

She offers four readings: a vibe check to help one understand your current situation and where you should head next; career growth for those seeking better opportunities; heart opener for romantic relationship matters, applicable to those who are single or currently in a relationship; and guiding cross, which is a 10-card reading for deeper insights on any situation. 

Her services range from P550 to P2,800. Readings are sent via e-mail.

Note that she doesn’t accommodate same-day readings. 

Book a session with her at

The Blessed Bhie
Alyssa Dimaculangan

Alyssa Dimaculangan of The Blessed Bhie is a spiritual podcaster and a tarot reader.

She offers eight different tarot readings covering topics that could help you understand your current situation and guide you about your career and romantic relationships, be it basic or in-depth reading. She also offers citrine reading for an unlimited card reading session. 

Her services are done online via Zoom from 30 minutes to one hour. Prices range from P888 to P3,333, depending on your chosen service.

Offline services, meanwhile, cover love queries, quick audio messages, and a spicy truth-spiller reading if you feel like being “called out” about some issues. 

Readings are sent via Instagram, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger. Her services range from P499 to P999.

Book a reading with The Blessed Bhie at

Chinggay of Practical Magic
Chinggay of Practical Magic

Chinggay’s approach to tarot reading is quite direct, with services including the #NoFilter Big Three that gives you an overview of your sun, moon, and rising signs for P800, and #NoFilter Birth Chart that provides you with an overview of your birth chart, signs, planets, houses plus a tarot pull for P3,000.

She also offers more detailed and tailored readings, such as no questions, which means letting the card say its message regarding significant events like your birthday; practical magic where you can be specific with your concern; and an energy check that looks at your seven chakras. These range from P1,750 to P2,750 and will be sent via e-mail.

She also offers subscriptions for practical magic, where you can participate in her sessions any time you want within three or six months to a year. Prices range from P5,250 to P18,000.

For general messages, Chinggay also hosts the Your Weekly Oracle podcast on streaming platform Spotify.

You may book a reading with Chinggay via