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This amazing lola took up powerlifting during the pandemic and can now deadlift 70 kilos

By Bim Santos Published Feb 03, 2021 5:26 am Updated Feb 03, 2021 8:36 am

It started with boredom, and ended with empowerment.

When Luzon was placed under lockdown in March 2020, 68-year-old Vivian Go, like many others, was bored. Her previous routine of going to the office, where she served as an accountant, was put on hold. Her ballroom dancing exercises also stopped. 

To keep herself active, she started walking around their driveway and the garage. Then one day, she decided to join her son's home workout.

"I invited my mom to try out resistance training, this way we can prevent the common problems many aging people have like muscle loss. We started very slowly, using light bands and bodyweight exercises," said Ken. "After that we slowly migrated to circuit training, including flipping truck tires."

After sensing that the lockdown was not going to end soon, Ken, a photographer and a powerlifter, then decided to further invest in a home gym by buying a squat rack, barbells, and a bench.

"Me and my wife are competitive powerlifters so my mom saw us doing squats, bench presses and deadlift and she got intrigued," said Ken.

Ken then started to incorporate the big three powerlifting exercises to her mom's routine. He started by establishing her form by using lighter weights.

Kahit na senior going 70 na, nothing is ever too late.

After that first workout in April, Vivian was quickly bitten by the bug. She kept at it on a regular basis, jotting down her progress, and even regularly checking on her son to make sure she does not miss a workout, which they do twice a week.

"Thee very first day I tried, I felt that I can do it pala, kasi malakas yung upper ko eh," Vivian said. "It was empowering, yung feeling na malakas pala ako."

Vivian then went from strength to strength. Her health also improved, saying that she hasn't experienced her usual colds or allergy attack since she started lifting. She also happily boasts that she can now replace on her own their five-gallon water jug as well as move around their three-seater sofa. Also, her balance has also gotten better as she can now manage well without her cane, which she has been using for two years to assist her in walking.

"Our goal when we started was to get her stronger, which we definitely did. She is now more independent with things in the house," said Ken. 

Vivian's son Ken, who is an avid powerlifter, has been serving as her coach

At times, she would even kid around with her son and apos and flex to show her bicep gains.

"Her disposition is also much happier," said Ken.

Now, Vivian can deadlift her equivalent weight of 70 kilos. Feeling the highs of the sport, she has no plans of stopping.

"Pag ginawa ko ito na tuluy-tuloy, I know I can be stronger pa, kaya hindi ako nag-aabsent dito, ready lang ako, I am looking forward everyday," said Vivian, beaming with unbridled enthusiasm. "Kahit na senior going 70 na, nothing is ever too late."

Ken said he is happy with how things turned out. When things all go back to normal, he is hoping that he can even get her mom to compete.