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Achieve your fitness goals with these workout must-haves

By Hannah Mallorca Published Oct 02, 2020 12:00 am

Admit it: one of your New Year’s resolutions before 2020 started, was to have a smoking, hot body. But with gyms, yoga studios, and other fitness centers closed due to the pandemic, it’s hard to make your fitness goals happen. As a result, you’re stuck stuffing yourself with whatever you can find in your refrigerator.

Even if you’re staying at home, you can achieve your dream body. A lot of workout channels and tips are available online to help you get closer to those defined abs, toned arms, or that perfect hourglass figure.

But before that, you need to be armed with the right essentials to turn your fitness goals into a reality. Here are some products to help you get started.

A comfy exercise mat

Outtobe Yoga Mat

Finding the right exercise mat is a must when you’re working out at home. The perfect one should be non-slip — especially for those squats or jumping jacks — and easy to tuck away in your room.

Check out this mat from Outtobe, which features a double-sided non-slip surface. It also comes with a carry bag so you can take it anywhere you want.

Cozy workout shoes

ZOCN Cushioned Running Shoes

Don’t underestimate the power of a good pair of shoes during your workout session. When you’re doing up and down planks or other exercises, wearing the right shoes will keep you comfortable as you break out in a sweat. Avoid blisters on your feet with these running shoes from ZOCN.

A breathable sports bra

Outtobe Breathable Sports Bra

It's true that for us girls, it’s best not to work out at all when you don’t have a sports bra. It a must as it keeps your chest well-supported even during the most intense stretches.

But don’t just settle for any sports bra, find one like Outtobe’s breathable sports bra which protects you from icky boob sweat.

Squat-proof leggings

Camel High Waist Leggings

Many love a good pair of leggings when working out. However, don’t be fooled by its black color and stretchy feature. In buying leggings for working out, make sure that it has to pass the “squat test.” Doing it proves if the product can withstand stretches or splits without ripping apart.

These leggings from Camel International are comfy and have passed the squat test with flying colors.

Shorts built to help you move

Camel Fitness Shorts

Of course, you can’t settle with just leggings while working out. Having a good pair of shorts is essential as well, especially when you’re living in a hot country. The right shorts should feel light and airy on your lower regions. It must keep your undergarments well-protected, too.

Here’s a good pair of shorts from Camel International that feels cool on the skin.

Light and airy shirt

Camel Sports Shirt

Not all girls can work out with only a sports bra. Some feel more comfortable with a top on. Make sure to get this breathable fitness shirt from Camel that’s made with cotton. Perfect for exercising even under the scorching sun.

A pair of non-slip socks

Outtobe 3 Pairs Anti-Slip Socks

Part of starting an exercise routine is making sure that you have socks that would support you in every move. You can find that in these toe yoga socks from Outtobe. It also comes in three pairs, which is perfect when you’re on a budget. 

For more fitness options, visit or download the app on Google Play or App Store.

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Image credits: Pexels