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'I feel like I don’t love myself very much': Hyun Bin shares he is in the process of achieving self-love

By Camille Santiago Published Aug 03, 2021 2:03 pm

With so many projects landing on his lap one—after the mega-hit K-drama Crash Landing On You, there's Bargaining and Confidential Assignment 2, and endorsements left and right—there is no doubt that Hyun Bin dominates the hallyu kingdom. But even if he’s one of the biggest Korean stars, he shares that he, too, experiences failures at work and is in the process of achieving self-love.

Admittedly, the 38-year-old Korean actor shares he needs more self-love. 

“I feel like I don’t love myself very much,” he shared at the recent virtual meet-up hosted by Smart Communications. “I push myself a lot, but I barely compliment myself,” he added.

He continued to say that one of the reasons why he doesn’t use social media is because he feels like he’s “forced to live as ‘Hyun Bin,’” making it “hard for me to care about my true self.”

“I want to keep my work and personal life separate. I want to learn about myself on my own. I think it’s something only I can deal with. I think this is also one of the reasons why,” he shared.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t look out for himself. After a long day, Hyun Bin likes to “take a shower and have a glass of wine or beer,” or play golf in his free time.

“It’s not easy to get away from the pressure. I’m an actor, and actors need to create something constantly. I always think about how I can improve myself,” the telco ambassador said.

When asked if he thinks he’s closer to a happy life, Hyun Bin shares that his “standards have changed a bit.”

“I think it’s hard to define the word happiness. It can be defined differently depending on how you see it.  These days, I think happiness is about how much you experience happy and positive feelings throughout the day,” the actor said. 

“These days, I try to find the small things that make me feel happy in my everyday life,” Hyun Bin added.

If there’s one advice Hyun Bin can give to his fans, it’s “to figure out what caused [your failure].” 

“These days, I try to find the small things that make me feel happy in my everyday life.”

In his case, whenever Hyun Bin sometimes feels unsatisfied with his acting even if the director says “it was okay,” he tries to “take a step back to figure out what it is.”

“I believe if you take a step back, and look at yourself and the situation from an objective perspective, you’ll be able to cope with it better. Because then you’ll be able to find whatever put you in your situation,” Hyun Bin advised.

He also added traveling as one of the greatest experiences in life, citing the Philippines as one must-visit place.

“I suggest you travel somewhere where the culture and the environment are different. It gives you a new perspective. While traveling, you experience new emotions and discover the sides of you you have never noticed. And I think that’s a great experience for many reasons,” Hyun Bin shared.

But ultimately, all the hard work that he does is for his fans. He said: “I’m always grateful to my fans. All I can do for them to repay their love is to continue acting, hoping it would make their life a little better.”

Photo courtesy of SMART