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Did you know Son Ye-Jin hates canceling on her fitness trainer? Here are more interesting facts about the actress

By Camille Santiago Published Jul 16, 2021 11:34 pm

Over the 20 years in Son Ye-jin's career, she has performed notably in various K-dramas and movies, earning a superstar status and multiple awards at the Cannes Festival, Asian Film Awards, and Baeksang Arts Awards, to name a few.

But Ye-jin is more than just a hallyu star or Yoon Se-ri, her character in Crash Landing On You—we learned that she's a normal person just like us.

If you're fangirling on the actress and are interested in learning more, we've listed down a few things we learned about Son Ye-jin during the Smart Hallyu Hangout.

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Ye-jin thinks her sense of humor is her best attribute. "I like it best when I can make someone laugh. There's something about being able to do that to another person that makes me happy. I'm also normally very naughty—I'm playful, and I also like to laugh myself," Ye-jin said.

Nope, she doesn't Google herself. Unlike her on-and-off-screen oppa Hyun Bin, who searches for his name on portal websites, Ye-jin said she only looks "when there is a new show" to see what people are saying. She also revealed that she gets embarrased and awkward when she sees herself on television.

This girl LOVES. TO. EAT. Just like any of us, the CLOY actress loves her food. Her favorite is tteokbokki or Korean rice cakes.

She's a happy drunk. Here's a fun fact: the alcoholic drinks on the Netflix K-drama CLOY are not fake! Drinking the actual beer and soju actually helps her look drunk in those scenes, she said. "She'll have one drink and she will get red. And she thinks that the audience will see that 'Oh, she actually is drunk,'" the host explained.

But unlike her character Se-ri, Ye-jin doesn't drink in real life. On some occassions when she does, though, she gets "really hyper." "But that doesn't get retained for very long because she eventually will want to go to bed," Oh added.

She doesn't just act, she connects with her character. One way to know if an actor is good at his job is if he makes the viewers believe he’s actually going through whatever his character is going through. And for Ye-jin, this is actually true. She said: "I don't want them to feel like I am acting out of character. I want to speak as this person." One technique that she does whenever there are crying scenes is she empathizes with her character. "When she sees somebody who is sad, she also feels sad. And so, it's kind of helps her act out this sorrow," host Sam Oh translated.

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Son Ye-jin's secrets to staying fit and beautiful:

  1. Her character Se-ri may be into high fashion, but off cam, Ye-jin likes to keep her style simple yet feminine. "I'm really more casual in real life and I like to keep it feminine. I like dresses. I also just really like wearing T-shirts and shorts."
  2. Koreans have undoubtedly enviable skin and hair. Ye-jin  thinks one has "to be born with it," which for her, is not the case. Ye-jin revealed that she likes to "indulge" in hair treatments and "puts in a lot of effort" to achieve flawless skin.
  3. Having been doing Pilates for over 10 years now, Ye-jin believes that exercising can also be good for the mental health. "I think a lot of people when they see somebody, they see beauty or health, not because they see beautiful features, but a positive energy, you know, something that is glowing from within."

    "I think this is something that you feel as you get older," Ye-jin added.

    Admittedly, there are days when she gets lazy, too. But for her, it's not an excuse. She stays committed to her workouts because she feels bad about having to cancel an appointment with her trainer. "She thinks it's good manners to keep a promise. It's also very fulfilling when she's able to keep a promise with herself," Oh said. Point taken, Ye-jin.

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