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Couple finds their forever 'best budol' in Home Buddies

By Melanie Uson Published Oct 26, 2023 12:55 pm

Home Buddies has been a helpful community to over a million Facebook users for home makeover-related concerns, especially during the height of the pandemic, but who would’ve thought that it would also be the way for this couple to find their forever “home?” 

Most of the content in the Facebook group includes the best “budol finds” for your home essentials, interior inspirations, or calls for help with any home-related concerns. One of its active members is Andrew Asencio, who has been in the group since April 2021. 

His first post in May 2022 about building his dream home, while inspiring, actually had a devastating story behind it—he was cheated on by his ex-partner, who he planned to propose marriage to the following month.  

Andrew Asencio's first post in Home Buddies.

“I worked hard to build this house thinking of our future together. I was about to propose this June but I discovered she’s been cheating on me,” he previously wrote. 

“Apparently, God is good. He saved me from the wrong person before I even got into the marrying situation,” he added.

“This house is not hers nor ours. This is mine and I am waiting for my DREAM WIFE na kasali rin sa Home Buddies,” he said. Most members extended their support to him, hoping that he would eventually find the “right one” for him, little did Andrew know that his manifesting would be fulfilled sooner than he thought. 

Redirection to his ‘dream wife’ 

Like most people, getting cheated on is one of the hardest things a person could experience. Andrew spent a week in low spirits, but with the help of his friends and family, and the support of other Home Buddies members, he got through it by investing in self-love—traveling, practicing healthy living, spending more time with his friends and family, and praying.  

“Pero parang may kulang, yung magkaroon ng partner para magpatuloy sa plan in life. Doon ko na siguro nasabi na ready na po ulit ako sa next chapter ng lovelife ko,” he shared in a quick online chat with PhilSTAR L!fe

Almost a year since “manifesting” his wishes, Andrew shared another heartwarming post, stating that he found a new love, Camille Fiedacan, a fellow Home Buddies member since August 2021. 

Andrew shared to L!fe that after his viral post in May 2021, many members sent him a friend request, including Camille, but he was the one who initiated their conversation. 

“Si Camille never sya nag-chat or comment. Dahil friend na kami sa FB, lumalabas na yung story nya sa [feed] ko,” he added. He shared that one time, he saw Camille’s post about a certain place that piqued his interest, which prompted him to message her to ask about the location. The rest, as they say, is history. 

After months of getting to know each other, Andrew said that he saw Camille as his “best budol find” because of her kindness, love of family, and simplicity. 

“Masasabi kong wife material siya sobrang bait, maalaga sa family at napakasimpleng tao. ‘Yun lang naman ang gusto ko simpleng babae dahil simpleng life lang ang goal ko,” he said. 

“Sa dami namin pinagdaanan sa life, nakayanan namin lahat ng magkasama. Naging sandalan namin ang isat isa sa mga problem na dumarating samin,” he added. 

“Kaya bakit ko pa palalagpasin yung binigay sakin ni lord ngayon? Eh eto na yung best budol ever ko, nasa harap ko na.” 

When they officially started dating, Andrew shared another special moment of his life with the group, after receiving support during his lowest point. 

Andrew finally meeting his "dream wife."

“I was wrong when I chose that girl before to be part of this house. But that decision brought me closer to the one who truly deserves every bit of my hard work,” he wrote in his update in February this year.  

“Posting it here before in home buddies was one of the BEST decisions I have made in my life because through that, I finally found the right woman for my humble home,” he shared. 

“It's true when they say that every wrong person that comes into your life, brings you closer to the right one,” he continued. “Thank you mga ka-HB for all your support and comfort during those trying times and most especially thank you dahil dito ko nakilala yung nakikita kong future wife ko.” 

Finally putting a ring to his ‘best budol’ 

After realizing that she was someone he could spend the rest of his life with, Andrew decided to propose on Oct. 21—just a day after marking their first anniversary. 

The special event happened in a resort in Bataan, which Camille thought was a simple belated celebration of his dad’s birthday on Oct. 20. 

“Bago umuwi ang lahat, dinala ko [sila] sa Tampay Cafe sa loob rin ng resort para may snacks and coffee at doon na naganap ang Proposal,” he recounted. He shared that while waiting for their order, he flashed a special video, which he personally created, to prompt the proposal. He added that Camille was clueless about the marriage proposal and thought it was an anniversary gift from her beau.  

“Sa dulo ng video meron doon nakalagay na ‘Will you marry me?’ Then dinala ko [siya] sa open area na may set up, at doon nag speech at lumuhod,” he shared, which was immediately replied with Camille's sweet “yes.”  

On Oct. 25, Andrew finally announced his engagement to Camille to the group, who he called his “best budol find.” 

“She said YES, mga ka-HB!!” he began. 

“Returning with heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support. Thanks to this amazing community, I've finally found the perfect partner who will soon complete our home and build our family,” he wrote. “She is my best budol finds in this group.” 

Andrew and Camille announce their engagement.

“To those who are still waiting, just keep on trusting, because indeed, when it's genuine love, the wait is absolutely worth it! God’s timing is always the perfect timing,” he concluded his post, sharing some photos of their engagement witnessed by their nearest and dearest, including photos of them together in their finished home.  

In his personal Facebook post, Andrew shared their momentous event.  

 “A million times, it's a YES! - she said. Cheers to another chapter that we are writing together, our biggest adventure yet,” he wrote. 

 “And thank you Lord for giving me my ‘God’s Gift,’ it’s worth the wait talaga!” he concluded. 

Andrew said that they haven’t decided on their wedding date yet but shared that they look forward to building their own family, and focusing on making their home special with the best “budol finds” or any design inspiration they could get from the Facebook group—which has become a significant part of their life.