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Dreams and wishes for 2022

By MILLET M. MANANQUIL, The Philippine STAR Published Jan 02, 2022 5:00 am

The years 2020 and 2021 did nothing but make us weep. We cried because we lost family and friends to COVID. We saw the industries bleeding, our economy collapsing, our spirits sagging. It seemed like World War III.

And then a fierce typhoon ravaged the south, causing death and destruction. Will the weeping never cease?

Hopefully, 2022 should bring optimism and faith in our hearts. This is a time for wishing and praying for a less tormented new year.

We asked these personalities to share with us their dreams for 2022:

Sheree Roxas Chua-Gotuaco
CEO, Stylist in Pocket Technologies

2022 will be a major and exciting pivot for us. From atoms to bits. It will be revealed in the first quarter.

For our countrymen, I wish for an upward pathway for all — from the new leader chosen, to a better trajectory for the nearly one million business enterprises in the country, to co-existing successfully with the COVID virus.

Fernando Zobel
President and CEO, Ayala Corporation


My hopes for 2022:

  • Keeping the vaccinations going until we have COVID and its variants under control.
  • Full mobility so that as many people as possible can work again and have opportunities to meet in person.
  • No more need to wear masks.
  • Opening our tourism industry not just for locals but also for foreigners. That will help create more jobs.
  • Peaceful and fair elections.

Ramon “RJ” Jacinto
Cabinet member-Presidential Adviser for Telecoms
Founder, RJ Group of Companies

I believe the legendary Filipino resiliency to face problems and recover will work again.

Our OFWs will continue to fuel our economy.

Musicians and artists will come alive again and revenge tourism and entertainment will help restore our spirit.

At the same time, the infrastructure boom that was started by President Duterte, such as the subway system and revival of Clark Field as a business hub, will push our growth.

My wish in 2022 is to once again pack them in at my Bistro RJ with lots of people singing, dancing, and holding iconic rock concerts.

Arthur ‘Pancho’ Villaraza
Chairman and CEO, V&A Law The Firm

I dream of a new administration sans any Duterte candidate, with a peaceful and orderly transition.

I dream of China pulling out of the Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone in the West Philippine Sea.

I dream of science finally conquering COVID-19 so that there will be a recovery of the global economy.

I dream of Filipinos becoming educated so they don’t vote clowns into office.

I dream of increasing the salary of teachers, and reducing the salary and benefits of lawmakers.

Toff De Venecia
Representative, Pangasinan 4th District

For 2022, I imagine the Philippine creative industries as playing a more active role in our post-pandemic economic recovery. By then, the Philippine Creative Industries Development Act will have been enacted into law. I also imagine tourism ramping up in the Fourth District of Pangasinan, with small business and tourism establishments elevating their entrepreneurial game.

I imagine more cultural and creative initiatives such as the @anakbanwa arts residency program and the @calamansianedlekepbutao being spearheaded, not only in Pangasinan 4th District, but the entire country with local chief executives realizing the value of creativity in their socio-economic development.

I imagine every Filipino knowing the value that the Philippine creative industries bring to the table. I imagine 2022 as the onset of a creative future where every creative youth will be empowered to pursue a competitive and sustainable career in the creative industries and not be told otherwise.

Because truly, #TheFutureIsCreative.

Ramon Antonio

I often dream that one day in the near future our beautiful country, the Philippines, will be known again as the Pearl of the Orient.

I dream that I am walking along neat, tree-lined streets admiring the patches of greens planted with blooming, easy-maintenance bougainvillea clumps.

I see inviting parks scattered in different districts of cities all over the country. There would be pedestrian and bicycle lanes so that folks from all walks of life can enjoy nature.

I picture clearer blue skies resulting from rigid pollution controls. Birds, butterflies and even the rare dragonflies could then cruise freely.

The world tackles the global warming crisis properly, thus avoiding calamities such as forest fires, tornadoes and sadly ravaging super typhoons devastating our southern islands.

This is the current state of my dreams.

Doris Magsaysay Ho
President and CEO, Magsaysay Group of Companies

Eighteen months of the pandemic, and the tragic impact of typhoons and Odette on communities all over our country has again brought out the Filipino spirit of giving and philanthropy, large and small.

My dream is for all of us — the government, the academe, the private sector and civil society — to go beyond charity. We must urgently work together to develop an aggressive national strategy for productivity and job creation to create wealth, and work on systemic change on how we build homes, structures, plan our cities and protect agricultural production to withstand the increasing risks of climate change.

The effort to design a new normal began after Typhoon Yolanda. Perhaps we can all rally around organizations like the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation to work on these needed systemic changes.

Leonardo Po
Treasurer and Executive Director, Century Pacific Group

With the economy further recovering and greater mobility returning, I look forward to a better New Year. I hope that with higher vaccination rates and the availability of new, effective treatments, we will manage to return to work and life.

However, we should also remember the lessons learned in the past two years that have made us more resilient. 2022 will be a year where we accept the changes in the world, adapt to the new environment, and capitalize on the new opportunities that are present.

Kathryn Bernardo
Actress, Box-office Queen

In 2022, I'm looking forward to a lot of things with hope and optimism. My wish is for self-growth, to continuously nurture myself, learn more, and be a better person — but without putting too much pressure on myself.

I also pray for everyone's safety and protection, for more people to educate themselves about the pandemic and get vaccinated so we can slowly go back to normal as a community. I hope I get to continue to protect my peace too, despite the seemingly chaotic world we now live in.

And lastly, may we all vote for the right leaders this coming election after everything our country has been through. We all deserve love and light this 2022.