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This TikToker was disrupted by an active shooter while filming

By Camille Santiago Published Mar 03, 2021 2:52 am

Distractions have become a part of the modern workplace, interrupting online meetings or recordings. We get distracted from cars passing by, the dogs barking, or people talking in the other room, but for this TikToker, her filming was interrupted by an active shooter outside her home.

As TikToker and makeup artist Amber Renee was filming one of her makeup videos, she had to stop abruptly when she heard gunshots outside her house. Renee shared the short clip on her social media page writing, "My heart almost came outta my chest."

At first, you could see her posing for the camera flaunting her look and fixing her hair. A few seconds later, she heard a bang, wondering what it could be. When it happened again, she realized that it was a gunshot and quickly ducked to the floor.

She said, "Had to make sure that's what it was" replying to a commenter who said she reacted slowly. "If you ever lived in the hood then you know wassup," Renee added.

The makeup artist also said that she's "used to [it] at this point." Saying also that this disturbance "caught her off guard" because she was filming by the window.

Renee didn't show the active shooter nor captured the incident because her priority was to be safe.


My heart almost came outta my chest ?

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