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TikTok user exposes Tinder date who shamed her for refusing to have sex with him

By PhilSTAR L!fe Published Jan 22, 2021 9:45 am

Trigger warning: This article contains material about sexual assault. 

A 25-year-old woman’s TikTok video is making the rounds on the social media platform, where she shared how her Tinder date shamed her for not wanting to have sex with him. 

After talking for nearly a month on the dating app, she decided to meet up with the guy over dinner, but the latter then suggested watching a movie at his place instead. “I said ‘okay, that’s fine,’” she recalled, adding that she didn’t think he would do such thing because he seemed “super respectful” online. “We never talked about hooking up—nothing like that,” she continued. 

When they got to his home, it was when she realized he didn’t have the best intentions. He tried to convince her to drink alcohol, but she’s currently in recovery, so it made her feel quite uncomfortable. She immediately booked an Uber, which caused a heated argument with her Tinder date. 

Shaming her for not wanting to sleep with him, he said: “That’s how adults date! They don’t use Tinder to date, they use Tinder to f*ck.”


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In her Tinder profile, she specifically states that she’s “not here for hookups.” She argued that he should have been completely clear about his purpose of dating from the start. “If you say that, you’re not gonna get any Tinder matchups,” he replied. “I’m telling you, this is how it works.”

Like other typical manipulative guys, he added, “I’m trying to help you. I’m trying to save you from any more of this.”

Good thing she was able to get out of his unit safely. “I was sitting because I felt safer to not try to get up and leave while he was standing up like that. But once he sat down, that’s when I decided to get up and leave. I got out safely, I took an Uber back home,” she shared. 


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To ensure your safety on a first date, make it a point to keep your communication lines open, give your whereabouts to a friend or loved one, meet them at a public place, and trust your gut.

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