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Breakup albums to jam out to aside from ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’

By Brooke Villanueva Published Nov 18, 2021 12:14 pm

Oh, the power of music. 

Scientific evidence has shown that music can be therapeutic to all of us. According to health psychologist Shilagh Mirgain, PhD, it has long been used to “ease anxiety and help improve moods.”

Taylor Swift’s Red: Taylor’s Version put so many people in an emotional state, reminiscing about their past heartbreak or even just getting carried away by the songs (yes, even if they are happy with their own love lives or are happily single). While some of them chose to lie in bed and wallow in their feelings, many decided to turn it into something more fun—from memes to jamming sessions.

Whether you can relate to the tracks or not, it’s quite thrilling to belt out some tunes and dance to them in your home. It brings some kind of joy just being one with the singer as you correctly sing their lyrics and feel their rhythm. 

If you’re like us who have been listening to the Grammy Award-winning artist’s rereleased album non-stop, you might want to keep the vibe going with these breakup albums. Slow or fast, old or new, these musical masterpieces are sure to do the trick.

As you anticipate Adele’s album coming out this November—which is “about divorce,” as she put it—you can go ahead and listen to 21 for now. Inspired by her ex-lover, the singer brilliantly wrote heart-tugging songs like Someone Like You and Take It All right when she was still trying to get over her broken heart. 

In Sour, Olivia Rodrigo takes you back to your yesteryears as she gracefully narrates teenage heartbreak. On top of Driver’s License that’s been covered by various artists like Birdy, there are other songs that are just as catchy and emotional, including Déjà vu and Happier

“How’s the weather, am I better? Better now that there’s no you?” Carly Rae Jepsen’s songs are catchy in their own ways. Take for example, her album E•MO•TION that’s filled with breakup bops that can magically turn things up even when you’re sailing through a breakup. Aside from Emotion, other hits that can make you feel your feels are Your Type and Boy Problems.

Electropop beats, anyone? You can count on Lorde’s Melodrama, where the singer gets completely honest and vulnerable with herself. Listen to Supercut with poignant lyrics amped up with an ‘80s vibe as well as Green Light that revolves around the difficulty of letting go of your love. 

Everyone deals with heartbreak differently—if you feel like singing and dancing it all out, Plastic Hearts is the way to go. This versatile album by Miley Cyrus features songs like Angels Like You and Never Be Me that you can go senti with. There are upbeat ones, too, like Midnight Sky, Hate Me, and Bad Karma, which, basing it off of their titles, are perfect for when you’re feeling feisty.