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Health and beauty secrets Mom told me

By MYLENE MENDOZA-DAYRIT, The Philippine STAR Published Jun 22, 2021 6:00 am

TV personality, host and content creator of Rise Up! on Apple podcasts, the stunner Janeena Chan and her equally beautiful mom Sally flooded Instagram with photos of their OOTDs, travels and bonding moments, which clearly showcased their tight bond.

In an email interview, we asked Janeena how she and her mom influence each other to look good inside and out.

THE PHILIPPINE STAR: What healthy habits did you get from each other?

JANEENA CHAN: She taught me the value of hard work, of having a good work ethic, being professional, and to treat everyone with respect. Of course, one should always look presentable.

SALLY CHAN: Stressing less and having more faith that things will turn out all right. Janeena is such a positive ray of sunshine and always sees the good in everything. And especially in these times, its been really helpful. She also always reminds me to be grateful about the little things. She has a strong spirit, yet a childlike heart thats both comforting and empowering. Shes the pep-talker and cheerleader of the family, and always reminds us of our worth.

 Like mother, like daughter: Janeena Chan and mom Sally.

So I guess to put it simply, its the habit of positive self-talk, and veering away from limiting beliefs. She may be too idealistic and trusting at times but thats what were here for, to protect and guide her as well.

Please share some of the beauty tips you learn from each other.

JANEENA: As a cancer survivor, my mom had to have a complete lifestyle change. Since then, shes influenced my sister and I to eat healthy and be conscious of the food we take. We still give in to guilty pleasures once in a while so we dont feel deprived.

Choosing to eat clean and wholesome foods, and getting our optimum sleep hours as much as possible have been beneficial not only with the way we look, but also the way we feel.

Another not-so-secret beauty secret that shes passed on is to never leave the house looking shabby. I didnt understand her at first, but I now I totally get it. A well-groomed person not only commands respect, but also shows respect towards others.

SALLY: It’s fun to live with her since she shares the many makeup and skincare brands she gets. And she’s been sharing new makeup trends and tips to me as well, like how highlighters can really enhance your features and makeup look. She also urges me to always wear my SPF, anti-aging creams, and even collagen- boosting drinks. Another beauty secret is laughing more, since she’s also the joker of the family!

Mother and daughter flood Instagram with photos of their OOTDs, travels and bonding moments.

How did the pandemic positively change your lifestyle?

JANEENA: Ive come to appreciate the beauty in the stillness and slowness of life, and in the not-so-little little things we tend to easily take for granted. Being home more allows me to be more conscious with how I spend my time, too. I both have the freedom and responsibility to take charge of my days and use it wisely.

It was tough at the start since it was quite a drastic change from the always-on-the-go lifestyle I was used to, but now that Ive gotten used to my WFH setup, Im so amused and amazed by how things can actually work if youre willing to adjust and grow. 

My podcast, ‘Rise Up with Janeena Chan,’ was an unexpected blessing, and we continue to provide uplifting episodes on a weekly basis via Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Opportunities arise even in a crisis, we just have to be patient and humble enough to unlearn some things, so we can be open to more growth. One example is how my podcast, Rise Up with Janeena Chan, came to be last year. It was an unexpected blessing, and we continue to provide uplifting episodes on a weekly basis via Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

SALLY: Im actually an introvert and a homebody, so working and staying at home is no problem for me. By Gods grace, weve been blessed by being able to have a more balanced lifestyle of work, play, and rest.

The stress and time spent traveling through gruesome traffic has been replaced by setting up our home studio for virtual events and podcast recordings, giving us more time to actually live our lives, not stuck on some road in a car, which was usually the case before with taping and shoot life.

The hustle and bustle, and constant chasing of the next thing is something weve grown accustomed to, and was dubbed as normal before. But maybe it became too fast that weve forgotten to appreciate the treasures right in front of us.

Now we have more time to actually breathe, appreciate the sunshine in our garden, enjoy unhurried cups of warm coffee in the morning, and the smell of brunch being cooked. Those are lifes real luxuries, and a lifestyle that was so alien to us before the pandemic. Moving forward, its all about balance and choosing our priorities wisely. Health and family will always come first!