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Home is where the Heart heals

By LAI S. REYES, The Philippine STAR Published Mar 01, 2021 4:00 pm

If her Instagram posts are any indication, it would seem that there’s nothing more Kapuso star Heart Evangelista could ask for. But Heart — just like the rest of us — doesn’t “have a perfect life,” after all.

In an exclusive interview with award-winning broadcast journalist Jessica Soho in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, the actress, artist and “Queen of Creative Collaborations” opened up about having had “slight depression.”

 “I find rearranging our furniture and home accents therapeutic,” says Heart Evangelista. Photo from her FB account 

It started in 2018, she said, when she lost her twin babies from a miscarriage. And she had another bout of it right before the whole world went on lockdown.

It was only when Heart got stuck in her beautiful home that she finally started to handle her depression and anxiety better.

Collaboration projects give Heart Evangelista the chance to showcase one of her many passions — love for visual arts. 

“I did a lot of meditation,” she said during the interview. “I just had to calm down and not care first about what others think about me.”

And if you’re curious, Heart’s designer clothes, million-dollar handbags and jewelry did little to make her feel better.

“Wearing nice clothes and accessories doesn’t mean I’m living the life,” shared Heart, who admitted that the pressure she gets on social media has somehow affected her.

When the voices inside my head got too loud, it felt like my fears started to overpower my mind.

When asked what prompted her to seek medical help, Heart hastily replied: “When the voices inside my head got too loud, it felt like my fears started to overpower my mind.”

And, just like the true influencer that she is, Heart encouraged those having bouts with depression to not be ashamed of seeking professional help. “There’s a way it can be fixed,” she says.

It also helps that this lady with a big heart has a lot of creative outlets.

“Dabbling in art, making TikTok videos, and redecorating my home helped me cope with depression,” Heart enthuses.

Heal ye! Heal ye!

Life under lockdown can be quite overwhelming. And since we’re spending the majority of our days at home, it can be gratifying to make the space we live in feel as calm and as relaxing as possible.

 Come home to luxury while fulfilling a productive lifestyle at The Residences at The Westin Manila Sonata Place. (Artist's perspective) 

“Even small changes can make a difference,” shares Heart during a home tour-inspired event held recently, where she was formally announced as Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) Residences’ newest brand ambassador. “I find rearranging our furniture and home accents therapeutic.”

Unlike Heart, many people don’t realize the extent to which their surroundings affect their ability to find peace, rest, vitality and yes, to heal.

“I also believe in the power of color palettes,” Heart says. “That’s why it’s important to choose the colors that affect you positively.”

Heart has a thing for white. And this soothing and classic hue served as a fitting canvas for her healing space — home.

 The grand lobby of The Sapphire Bloc

“The lockdown also gave me enough time to engage in my other passion — painting,” she shares. “My colorful artworks not only make my all-white home vibrant, but also bring light to my life.”

Yes, when things feel far outside your control, turn to rituals — like cleaning, or in Heart’s case, redecorating and painting — to self-soothe.

Heart is at home at RLC Residences

“Home is a place that I share and open up to others, and my home is really an extension of who I am, what I like and my aspirations,” Heart enthuses. “I am happy to have found my second home at RLC Residences.”

 Connect with your loved ones while enjoying a perfect city view. (Artist's perspective of the Infinity Pool at Cirrus) 

Heart is referring to her own unit at Sapphire Bloc, Ortigas. “The place isn’t huge, which is a problem for a maximalist like me, but the layout was well-done. I’m excited to show you how to make the space look bigger and glam it up a bit in my next vlog,” she enthuses.

Heart goes on to describe the Sapphire Bloc’s amenities, which include a private theater and a beautiful pool. “It’s like living in a hotel,” she adds.

 Celebrate life’s wins with loved ones at the Sierra Valley Gardens Clubhouse, overlooking its lush pocket gardens. (Artist's perspective) 

Aside from the superb amenities, Heart says that location, accessibility, convenience and safety are some of the things she considers when it comes to buying a property or choosing a home.

“The pandemic made her realize the importance of having a home in a central address,” Heart shares.

Having a strategic home in the metro allowed Heart to save precious time in traffic, which in turn gives her the energy to do more of the things she loves and spend more time with her family and friends.

 It’s always a beautiful day to pursue your passions in well-crafted living spaces. (Artist's perspective of studio unit at Sierra Valley Gardens) 

Heart also shares tips for those thinking of investing in a property soon: “When you put your hard-earned money on something, it has to be a one-time, big-time, solid taya.

According to Heart, investing in properties is always a good investment.

“I bought my first property when I was 17. Thank goodness for my mom, who took good care of my finances,” Heart shares. “I felt really good even if it wasn’t fully paid yet. It gave me a sense of responsibility and inspired me to work harder because I needed to pay for it.” (Laughs)

And before making that big-ticket purchase, make sure the company is reputable and trustworthy.

“I’ve known RLC Residences for a really long time, so it was a no-brainer for me,” says Heart, who looks forward to investing more in properties. “Before, when movie offers dwindled, the rentals from my properties helped me pay for my utilities and daily expenses.”

Homebuyers of these developments get to experience city living with much convenience, as the projects are located in destination estates or bustling CBDs. All projects are also transit-oriented.

Future projects under the brand will offer innovative storage solutions for condo dwellers, smart home features, dedicated spaces for work-from-home nooks, allocated areas for daycare or learning, and so much more.

During the course of her “home tour,” Heart shared home-design tips like putting mirrors on the walls to create the illusion of space; and even color-coordinating the fruits on her dining table (lemons and green apples are her go-tos) to make it look more pleasing.

Banner and thumbnail caption: Heart Evangelista considers home “a place that I share and open up to others, an extension of who I am, what I like and my aspirations.”