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Catriona Gray shares her self-care rituals and mental wellness tips

By RED DIMAANDAL Published Oct 28, 2021 12:05 pm

The concept of self-care has been around for decades, but it’s taken off in recent years as a mode adopted by people, especially among millennials. The pandemic further popularized the idea of taking care of yourself as millions faced the unprecedented challenges of navigating a pandemic, quarantines, and caring for others amid challenging times. Today, self-care is a well-known term that’s been incorporated—some might say appropriated—into the larger health and wellness industry. 

Millennials may be more into self-care than older generations because they are also more attuned to their mental health, and self-care plays an important part in a healthy mind, especially for those dealing with mental and chronic illness. Because no matter how crazy your schedule is, it’s of utmost importance to carve out time for yourself, take a step back, and give yourselves a little dose of self-love. Because if we won't, who else will? 

In recognition of that fact, we talked to Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray about her self-care routine—and there’s a lot you can learn from her. With the beauty queen’s grace, poise, intelligence, and heart, we want to know: what exactly are her self-care practices?

Photo: @catriongray/Instagram
Photo: @catrionagray on Instagram

From her advice for a healthier lifestyle to her tips and tricks for a pageant-winning smile, read on to find out how she practices some self-love. 

What is your self-care routine like?

Honestly, I always need to take a few moments to give myself grace and validate what I’m feeling. Most of the time, I subconsciously hold myself to this “standard” of being strong. Of just "dealing with it" when sometimes I forget that what I’m going through really isn’t easy. And reassure myself that having moments of weakness, anxiety... doesn’t mean I’m not strong—it means I’m human. Then, I usually open up to a loved one. Being away from my family has been really difficult but even a video call really helps. In other words, I need to lean on other people - I’ve learned that the hardest times are easier to overcome with the help of others. Also, never underestimate the power of prayer.

How did your definition of wellness evolve through the years?

I’ve realized that everyone is unique with a unique skin type and body type. So I’ve really learned the importance of investing time to learn about what works for me and not just allow myself to be guided by fads or trends. Also, invest in skincare and body care—that includes oral hygiene! It takes away the need for heavy makeup products. 

How do you recharge after constantly being on the go? 

During this season I’ve begun investing more time into my self-care routine. Whether it be home cooking meals, taking vitamins, drinking enough water, trying to incorporate being active and exercising, or getting a good eight hours of sleep. I’ve also begun being intentional with my beauty routines. Like, weekly I’ll do a mini "at-home spa day" with face masks and body scrubs, and every day I’ll take a little bit of extra time with my skincare routines - it’s become a part of my day that I look forward to. 

Photo: @catrionagray on Instagram

What is your advice for women trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle? 

Set up a system that is achievable for you. Goals are great! But creating systems into your every day is the only way to actually progress. So whether it be something small: a morning walk with your dog, or 15 mins of meditation and making a conscious effort to drink enough water throughout the day - these small changes every day can begin you off on the right track. Try to aim for progression, not perfection every day. 

Can you share tips and tricks to get that pageant-winning smile? 

Honestly, my biggest tip would be to identify your source of joy on stage. Anyone can feel the flatness of a "fake smile." So whether it’s from the flutters in your chest, or a reaction to the crowd—a genuine smile always shines brightest.

Photo: @sparklewhiteph on Instagram