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#ToksForYou: Must-follow TikTok stars for the best skincare how-tos

By Brooke Villanueva Published Sep 20, 2021 8:20 pm

Need some skincare tips? Here’s an idea: go to TikTok. 

While it’s still best to have your skin checked by your dermatologist, you can get quick tips on how to take better care of it from different TikTok personalities. There’s a variety of users who share a thing or two about it on the platform, but not all of them are credible. Make it a point that the ones you follow give pieces of beauty advice that are based on facts instead of influence and hype. 

Below are some TikTok stars you should check out for skincare how-tos and more. 

If you’re 24 years old and below, Hyram Yarbro could be your go-to. Take note, however, that he is not a dermatologist, chemist, or aesthetician, nor is he claiming to be one. He used to work as a makeup artist for Saks Fifth Avenue and has become a teenage skincare fanatic “who spent the last four years studying what, according to him, has amounted to thousands of ingredients,” according to The New York Times. “He followed dermatologists, aestheticians, and chemists on social media, rabidly consuming their content and reaching out with questions.”

There’s just something satisfying about the application of beauty products. That’s what beauty guru Mireya Rios showcases on TikTok in the most fun way: ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Her face mask videos are our personal favorite—some of them are even dermatologist-approved!

Now, on to dermatologists. Meet Dr. Shah—a derma resident who entertains his TikTok followers with important skincare information and, yes, amusing reactions to skincare videos a la our favorite YouTube stars. 

We also love Dr. Dustin Portela as he’s able to make us understand skin problems that seem complicated at first, including Hell’s Itch, Keloid Scars, and even cysts. 

Dr. Joyce Park was trained in the prestigious Stanford and NYU to be a dermatologist. She stands out for her informative TikTok videos on hairy moles and scalp flaking, among other skin issues that she sometimes discusses while dancing adorably. 

If you want a no-frills approach to skincare, check out dermatology resident Dr. Chris Tomassian’s TikTok page. He talks about treating hyperpigmentation, pregnancy skincare, and other approaches that can provide us with a much-needed glow. 

Did you know you can use eye drops to reduce pimple redness temporarily? Or eat pineapples to reduce bruising? It’s always fun to watch Dr. Azadeh Shirazi because she shares the most interesting secrets of dermatologists that, to this day, are still quite new to most people.

“Skincare science, not hype” is what Dr. Kevin Y. Chao discusses in his TikTok account. Aside from talking about skin types and skin tips, he also gives fun multiple choice quizzes from time to time for some skin trivia.

Another dermatologist to follow is Dr. Alexis Stephens, whose content highlights must-know facts about our skin such as signs we’re eating too much sugar and signs our skin is more sensitive compared to that of others. She also shares natural ways to healthier skin, including hacks to drinking more water. 

Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky is all about debunking skincare myths. In one video, she shared skincare mistakes we’re probably making like using too much retinoid, applying hyaluronic acid to dry skin, and using too many products. Guilty, guilty, guilty!

Want to discover more TikTok stars that deserve a follow? For that and other l!fe advice, tune in to our #ToksForYou series and follow us on the app at @philstarlife.