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Five reasons why skincare routines boost your mood

By Faith Yuen Ragasa Published Sep 17, 2021 3:48 pm

Routines are vital tools to help create a sense of certainty and stability, especially in the time of the pandemic. Common routines, like your skincare regimen, can make long days spent at work or at home manageable.

Here are five reasonswhy a simple skincare routine can help enhance one’s mood:

Anchor for stability. Studiesshowthat people whodon’t follow certain routines are more prone to moodswings. Creating a plan for each day, with a set time for each task, can provide stability. Adhering to your skincare routine, for instance, offsets all the uncertainties, knowing that at 8 p.m., you’ll lie down on the couch with your facial mask on.

Prevents worries. Any simple activity that doesn’t require deep thinking or extra effort on your part will take your mind off worries.This could beas simple aswalking your dog, cooking, crafting materialsor your skincare regimen.As you focus on gently washing, toning, and moisturizing your face with that Rejuvenating Set from Skin Magical, you forget all the worries youhadthroughout the day.Yes, just like magic!

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Gives you pause. Caring for your skin provides an opportunity for mindfulness.Forpeople on the go, a skincare routine, coupled with a warm bath, could just be the pause they need to get them through another day.

Boosts self-esteem. Someone with a low self-esteem will have negative feelings about himself/herself. Taking good care of your skin is one way to stop this, with a little help from Skin Magical, one of the trusted skincare brands in the country. Skin Magical offers soothing massage creams,aloe vera soothing gels, whitening lotions, and skincare sets to personal care and hair products that work like magic.

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An act of kindness to yourself. Do something nice for yourself because you deserve it. After all, you work so hard, so why not celebrate all your little, everyday accomplishments with a skincare treat every now and then?

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