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Do Zodiac signs matter in a relationship? Sue Ramirez, JC Santos, JC de Vera share their thoughts on compatibility

By Hannah Mallorca Published Jun 27, 2021 4:04 pm

What if Zodiac signs were crucial in finding out if a person is “the one?”

I’m a Sagittarius. Astrology says I’m compatible with fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. I’m lucky that my partner turned out to be an Aries. But what if he’s not a fire sign, does it make me unlucky in love?

The main cast of the upcoming rom-com series Boyfriend No. 13 shared their thoughts on relationships, signs, and compatibility in an online press conference last Thursday, June 24.

Rom-com series Boyfriend No. 13’s main cast includes Sue Ramirez, JC Santos, and JC de Vera

Sue Ramirez, who plays the role of superstitious romance novelist Kimverly, is a Cancer. They are emotional, nurturing, and highly intuitive. 

“Palagi akong tumitingin ng Zodiac signs. As in. Tinitignan ko kung compatible kaya ‘tong guy na ‘to for me. Pero yung boyfriend ko ngayon [is a] Libra which is one of the most incompatible signs for a Cancer,” Sue said during the press conference.

Sue Ramirez as the superstitious romance novelist Kimverly

Sue is currently dating actor Javi Benitez who’s a Libra. Astrology says both signs are drastically different and “they just won’t work.” 

But Sue debunks this claim: “It’s how you make it work. Siguro, you check their Zodiac signs for guidance [and] how you’re going to handle problems that will occur because of your differences so you [can be] prepared. Alam mo na ‘yung gagawin mo kapag may pinagdadaanan kayo, kaya nakakatulong siya for me.”

JC Santos, who’s one of Sue’s love interests in the series, admits that looking at a person’s Zodiac sign is exciting for him. “It’s a Scorpio thing,” he quipped. “Malalaman mo ‘yung personality ng partner mo… naniniwala ako sa mga ganoon.”

JC Santos as Kimverly's rugged officemate Bob

JC is happily married to his non-showbiz wife Shyleena Herrera. Her Zodiac sign is unknown. 

Also playing Sue’s love interest in the series is JC De Vera who is a Pisces. He happily shared that his non-showbiz wife Rikkah Cruz is an Aquarius—a fellow water sign. 

“Sabi ko, ‘wow.’ Compatible ako sa kanya. Siguro, iyon ang first time na tumingin ako sa mga horoscope. Normally, hindi ako napatingin sa mga ganyan. Pero sa wife ko ngayon, first time kong tumingin at ‘yun pala, compatible kami,” JC added.

JC de Vera as the hunky doctor Don Lee

Even if JC acknowledges how horoscopes can shape a person's perception of relationships, he admits that he doesn’t allow them to influence his decisions on romance.

Looking at someone's Zodiac sign can offer a glimpse into their interests, characteristics, quirks, and personality. True love is about working through your similarities and differences with a partner—it's not solely based on their Zodiac signs or the universe.

The talented cast of Boyfriend No. 13 includes Sue Ramirez, JC Santos, JC De Vera, Lotlot de Leon, Phi Palmos, Hershey Neri, and Bryan Sy.

Boyfriend No. 13 is an upcoming rom-com series that follows Kimverly’s journey in finding her soulmate. Since her life revolves around superstitions, horoscopes, and “signs from the universe,” she’s determined to let pamahiins guide her way towards the picture-perfect romance.

Check out Boyfriend No. 13’s cute and funny trailer below:

The rom-com series is set to premiere on Friday, July 2, at 7 p.m. on WeTV. Mark your calendars!

Photos courtesy of WeTV Philippines