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Don’t bury pain in your heart

By BARBARA GONZALEZ- VENTURA, The Philippine STAR Published May 07, 2023 5:00 am

I have a fan who sent me something entitled “Senior Citizens Please Be More Talkative“ because talking relieves stress and consequently avoids mental illness. “We often say nothing, but we bury it in our hearts and suffocate ourselves...”

Seniors only? Most of us feel things and bury them in our hearts where they sit and grow for a long time until one day they burst! Then we go to the doctor, who tells us we have cancer. Do they ask if there is anything we once felt and buried deep so that now it wants attention? No! Is there a traditional medical doctor here who believes that feelings withheld causes cancer? No! Or maybe I’m wrong.

I am writing this not because I want to tell you something private about myself. I am writing this because I want to share something new that I am learning. If you are in the same situation where something in you bursts and clamors for attention, then read on because I am sure this will help.

German New Medicine was something put together by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, once (he’s dead now) a cancer doctor in Germany. Then he developed cancer. He wondered if his cancer was caused by his grief. He found that all cancer begins within the psyche — problems, grief, pain that we bury.

Maybe three months ago my left breast burst. It began to grow what I called grapes. They would not stop growing and slowly began to release blood and pus. At around the same time something that looked like a keloid scar grew below my right breast. I didn’t want to go to a medical doctor because I felt she would say “cancer” and fear would kill me in two days. That’s how afraid I am of the word “cancer.” So initially I thought I would try to heal it myself. 

What you need is to realize that your body is your own and you can trust it to heal itself as you come to terms with whatever caused your pain.

I went to a Chinese drugstore and asked for drugs to stop bleeding. I applied them together with gauze bandages. They did not work. I found refined charcoal, tried that; it got worse. On the “keloid” I tried frankincense and myrrh but nothing happened either. Finally I faced facts: I will not have chemotherapy nor radiation but maybe a mastectomy.

Hiding our emotions deep within us can be more detrimental than helpful, especially if we're dealing with a terminal illness.

Trying hard not to tremble in fear I invited my son, my only child in the Philippines, to lunch, told him the truth and asked him if he had a doctor friend. He did. Then I decided to email his sisters in the US and in England. My daughters told me to go see Eli Abela, who practiced something called German New Medicine here.

Eli came to see my husband and me. She brought a laptop with her. She explained to me that German New Medicine was something put together by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, once (he’s dead now) a cancer doctor in Germany. His son died in a car accident. Then he developed cancer. He wondered if his cancer was caused by his grief. He interviewed all his patients and found they had all some buried sentiments they had not really spoken about or worked out. That’s where he began his research. 

He found that all cancer begins within the psyche—problems, grief, pain that we bury. From there the brain picks it up and determines the organs in the body affected by the event, then decides on how to cure it. Then it sends signals to the cells in that part of the body to heal itself. The symptoms are what is recognized as cancer but you don’t need chemotherapy or radiation or even a mastectomy. 

Seek the help of the people around you, especially your loved ones, for you to get over whatever you're going through.

What you need is to realize that your body is your own and you can trust it to heal itself as you come to terms with whatever caused your pain. All you need is trust and time and—most important of all—no fear that cancer will kill you. Also you must have the willingness to put up with the blood, pus, odor and occasional pain that comes with the healing of your wounds. As Eli puts it, “Just observe your body. What is important is you have Zero Fear, just curiosity and gratitude to the body for healing you.”

Then Eli puts you on the laptop and runs a program called Neuroptimal, which gives you moving colored bars, figures and music, supposed to fix your brain. You can even watch a movie while being on the machine for 33 minutes. It made me feel relaxed. Also it gave me assurances like an Alzheimer’s patient got well after 62 sessions on the Neuroptimal.

Anyway, if like me you fear you have cancer but don’t want chemo, radiation or a mastectomy, call Eli Abela at 0908-8914567 and make an appointment with her. She has a lovely clinic on Pioneer Street. She is a wonderful, warm person to consult with, to be with; she laughs a lot. At the very least you’ll enjoy her company.

If you want more information, look up “German New Medicine” on Google. There’s so much more I would like to share but there’s no more space for it. So just forget your fears, laugh and talk to Eli. Remember how I started this column? Now is the time to talk. You won’t regret it!