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Mom pregnant with son's fifth child via surrogacy as his wife had hysterectomy

By NICK GARCIA Published Sep 23, 2022 10:04 am

Disclaimer: This is not incest à la Game of Thrones. A 56-year-old mother from Utah is pregnant with her 32-year-old-son's baby via surrogacy.

Nancy Hauck decided to carry the fifth child of Jeff and his wife Cambria, 30, who already had a life-saving hysterectomy, the surgical removal of the uterus, in 2021 following her traumatic childbirth. Cambria is a mother to a pair of three-year-old and 11-month-old twins.

Cambria struggled with infertility for years before she and Jeff had their first set of twins. They welcomed their second set of twins through in-vitro fertilization, the union of the egg and sperm in a laboratory.

The couple wanted to have another child, but wasn't sure what to do next and were running out of options.

Nancy, then, stepped in, saying she "suddenly had a feeling" that she should volunteer. Her last pregnancy was 26 years ago.

"I told my son, and he teared up and was shocked," she told South West News Service, as quoted by several other outlets including

Nancy initially had concerns because of her age, but when the doctors cleared her, she just went for it. She started her hormone treatment last January, injecting herself every day for 12 weeks with the help of her husband and Jeff's dad, Jason.

A month later, the fertilized embryo was transferred to her uterus.

From left: Jeff and his wife Cambria with their children, as well as their parents Nancy and Jason.

Nancy's fifth grandchild, a girl, is expected to arrive in November.

"I feel very powerful carrying my son's daughter," Nancy was quoted as saying. "I think this is quite a rare thing to do. I never planned for it, but I am so glad I chose to carry my son's baby."

Jeff, meanwhile, said he felt grateful to have such a "selfless and loving mom" who's willing to "make that kind of sacrifice" for their family.

"There is no repayment for something like that," he is quoted as saying. "All I can do is follow the example my parents have set and try to give that same level of love and devotion to my own family and to others."