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Five celebrities who are PAWsitively cat lovers

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Aug 08, 2022 12:58 pm

While dogs may be considered as man's best friend, cats can also be your sweet and loyal companion who can give you the brightest smile in your darkest day. After all, who can resist the euphoric sound of their purring and the sight of them nuzzling affectionately against your skin?

In honor of International Cat Day this Aug. 8, PhilSTAR L!fe has compiled the names of celebrities who are proud cat parents and are constantly showering their feline companions with love and affection.

Coleen Garcia

Coleen Garcia-Crawford seems to have a love for all kinds of cats, even ones without fur.

In 2015, Garcia was gifted a Sphynx cat from her husband Billy who she named Anya. This type of cat is known for its lack of fur, which unfortunately made some people turned off against the species because of how "unpleasant" looked. But not Garcia, who immediately fell in love with the feline.

Sadly, Anya passed away back in May. The actress honored her by saying that she was "amazingly pleasant, loving, and affectionate she was. She was also curious, patient, and playful in the best way."

Arci Muñoz

While cats are affectionate most of the time, they can also be moody, ignorant, and can pack a mean and painful scratch. Plus, their excrement can also be too much for your nose to handle if you don't train them to use a litter box. So having more than 10 in a single house can be quite daunting.

But not for Arci Muñoz. She shared in 2020 that she has a total of 18 cats living in her home. One of which has heterochromia, a condition where you have differently colored eyes.

Heart Evangelista

While having a cat with an expensive breed is certainly something to be proud of, there is no shame in owning a stray cat. In fact, these cats are the ones who are in need of love the most and should be taken care of, and this is the wish of fashion icon Heart Evangelista.

An advocate for animal adoption and taking care of strays, Evangelista once took in a black-and-white kitten that she found near a trash can. After giving her a home and showering her with love, she has now grown into a healthy and happy cat named Mina.

"As a lot of you know, I love cats. I love fostering and adopting them into my home. Here's one of my sweet cats, Mina," she wrote in a Facebook post accompanied by a picture of her feeding her cat.

Taylor Swift

It's a shame that Taylor Swift doesn't have an official song about cats, because she might as well write one considering how much affection she has for them. In fact, she even became a cat herself in the 2019 film adaptation of Cats.

The 32-year-old singer has three feline companions who she pampers and loves: two Scottish folds named Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson and a Ragdoll named Benjamin Button. With Swift's collection of houses worth $81 million, these cats are certainly living the lavish dream of just lazing around in huge mansions.

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While not busy belting out hit songs in concerts together with her girl group, BLACKPINK's Lisa is spending time pampering her four furbabies. She gave all of them names starting with the letter "L", namely Lily, Leo, Luca, and Louis. 

While similarly in looks, they all have different breeds. Luca and Lily are both Ragdolls while Leo is a Scottish Fold and Louis is a British Shorthair.

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