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7 celebrity furdads and their adorable furry babies

By Ada Pelonia Published Jun 16, 2022 3:47 pm

Being a celebrity is not an easy feat, especially with busy schedules and tight to-do lists on their plate every day. But with their furry companions on their side, these celebrities can forget them all, while still finding time to make sure their fur babies are happy and healthy.

As Father's Day is fast approaching, we thought we should put the spotlight on these devoted dog dads and celebrate their pet fatherhood! Ahead, here are some famous celebrity dads and their adorable furry babies.

Donny Pangilinan

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Donny Pangilinan is the fur dad to Kiwi, a Maltese dog. In his recent Instagram post, fans can see that Donny gets visited by Kiwi on set and even called the furry companion his “favorite visitor.”   

Matteo Guidicelli

Matteo Guidicelli is a certified fur dad. Fans can see Matteo’s dogs through the official Instagram account @04guidicelli where they can look at the latter’s fur babies lurking on lush grass, enjoying the sandy shore, and loving the breeze of seawater with the Guidicelli family.

Nico Bolzico

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Nico Bolzico is not only an amazing father to Thylane but also to his furry companions Pochola and El Gato, whom fans always see on Instagram.

Chris Evans

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Chris Evans is a hundred percent fur dad. If you're following him on Instagram, there's a high chance you've come across photos and videos of his dog Dodger. For the National Rescued Dog Day, the actor paid tribute to the event by posting a video of when he first met Dodger and even encouraged fans to "visit a shelter and leave with a best friend" just like what happened with him and his furry buddy.


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It’s no secret that Felix Kjellberg, popularly known as Pewdiepie, adores his two pugs, Edward and Maya. In fact, in his recent videos, Pewdiepie shared how he chose to fly to Japan via jet plane so as not to cause any complications with his dogs who turned out to be above the weight limit that most airlines can cover. It’s giving awesome fur dad energy! 

Heo Sung Tae

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Squid Game fans wouldn’t have guessed that the series’ hated villain is a lovely fur dad of two adorable cats! Following the release of the now-global phenomenon series, Heo Sung Tae’s Instagram profile loomed with photos of his cats named Naju and Nam Han Ni. Fans were quick to make edits of Jang Deok-Su, his character in Squid Game, with cat effects which the actor put on his Instagram stories.  

Shinee’s Key

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Key is an amazing fur dad to his two poodles Comme Des and Garcon. In fact, in one of his episodes on the Korean variety show, I Live Alone, he could be seen putting clothes on his pets. Key loves his dogs so much that they have their own Instagram account @commegalife. 

Yoon Kyun Sang


Yoon Kyun Sang shocked some of his fans when he appeared on Korea’s variety show I Live Alone and found out that her's a fur dad of four cats, namely Kung, Ttomi, Mongi, and Somi. The actor first introduced his cats on the variety show Three Meals A Day. ”Unfortunately, his cat Somi died in 2019.  

Park Seo Jun

Who doesn’t know Simba, Park Seo Joon’s fluffy fur baby? In a Youtube video Simba could be seen enjoying the company of his dad as the two go together for photoshoot schedules and still finding time to play with each other in between the busy takes.