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ICYMI: Nissin has launched cup noodle-flavored sodas. Here’s how you can try the limited-edition offerings

By Brooke Villanueva Published Oct 13, 2021 11:04 am

Ramen, but make it fizzy.

Are you a fan of cup noodles? Do you consider yourself an adventurous foodie? Here’s something that could broaden your culinary horizons: Nissin Cup Noodle-flavored sodas.

For its 50th anniversary celebration, the original instant ramen maker has released soda versions of four of its noodles such as the Cup Noodle Curry Soda, Regular Cup Noodle Soda, Cup Noodle Chili Tomato Soda, and Cup Noodle Seafood Soda. The new line showcases the taste of its well-loved offerings in the strange yet exciting form of carbonated drinks.

“The Cup Noodle Soda is said to be a ginger ale-style soda that contains the aroma of salty sauce and pepper, while the Cup Noodle Seafood Soda uses a cream soda-style base with a ‘hidden’ hint of seafood,” according to Japan Today. “The Cup Noodle Curry Soda is a cola-style soda finished with curry spices, and the Cup Noodle Chili Tomato Soda is a tomato-style soda with a refreshing tingle that gently stimulates the taste buds.” If you want to get more clues about how the new beverages taste, you may check out this detailed review by VICE. The brand, however, put it this way: “Whether it’s delicious or not is up to you.” 

Curious as to how you can score one of its 15,000 sets? We’ve found a store on Shopee that sells it for pre-order. Priced at P2,900, each box contains nine types of cup noodles  (regular, seafood, curry, chili tomato, cheese curry, Shio, miso, spicy pork bone, and spicy) and the aforementioned sodas.