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From hours in line to crowded trips: Filipinos share their worst commuting experience

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Jul 22, 2022 6:08 pm

With office work and face-to-face classes gradually returning in the Philippines, the call for an efficient public transportation system has never been louder.

In this week's Unpopular Opinion column, we tackled the country's pressing need for an efficient transport system and how owning a car doesn't necessarily offer freedom from traffic congestion and higher inflation rates.

"Having a car undeniably has its perks such as owning property for yourself and the privacy that comes with it. It's also a great investment for the future. But it pains me to think we live in a country where it boils down to just that better choice, or pay the price for choosing otherwise—a price we can barely afford," the piece reads.

A number of citizens have agreed with the sentiment, furthering the discussion on the trials that everyday commuters go through just to get around the Metro.

With that, PhilSTAR L!fe asked its followers what their worst commuting experience so far—with many recalling walking at ungodly hours in tight spaces just to catch a ride home. Others shared how seedy individuals were around during their commute, while some simply spent hours of their time waiting for public transport. 

According to urban planners, Filipinos also lose 9 to 15 years of their lives waiting in traffic, while the country loses over P520B in economic losses from congestion. 

Beyond the numbers and statistics, here's are the worst moments that Filipino commuters have faced as read from our comments section.

Sketchy individuals

"Laging may katabing manyakol."

"Agawan at tulakan"

Hours in line

"Monumento station, start ako ng pila around 3:30 , I got home around quarter to 8pm hahahaha Golden era it is"

"PNoys time around 2013-15ish where I had to fall in line in MRT everday for f*king hours"

"10am start ng class, 8am kami umalis ng mga kaibigan ko, 1pm kami nakarating 🙂 6:40 uwian, mga 7 :30pm kami nakarating sa Balintawak, 11pm kami nakauwi."

May be an image of 2 people, people standing, people walking, crowd and street
"Ortigas Station around 11pm." (Photo from Daphne Dhel)

"Any day going to Makati and back home on an 8am-5pm workday. Pre-pandemic"

"College days, nakatayo simula luneta 6pm, dumating ng zapote las piñas ng 9pm nakatayo padin at pababa na."

"3 [hours] from Ayala to centris. then 2 hrs centris to welcome rotonda 🤣 5hrs byahe pauwi."

Discomfort just to get home

"Yung para lang makauwi sa dashboard na ako ng bus nakaupo dahil super puno na yung bus"

"Yung time na umulan nang sobrang lakas sa Ermita at walang masakyan. Naglakad, lumusong sa baha (hanggang tuhod). Mula sa Paco patawid ng Quirino Ave patungong Sta Ana Manila in full office formal uniform. Ay shet mejo nalihis, kwentong baha na din pala yan"

"Yung maapakan sa LRT ung bagong laba kong white shoes, tapos sakin pa nagalit yung nakaapak. (Natural lang daw maapakan ako kasi nasa lrt ako, shout out sayo ate na sorry lng naman inantay ko)"

The overall experience

"Too traumatic to share. it’s hell every day 8 years ago, so now is ultrahell."

"The commute itself."

May be an image of one or more people, people standing and outdoors
"Kanina lang or should I say araw araw po." (Photo from Sean Allie Ocampo)