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Korean reality series set in a ‘zombie apocalypse’ coming to Netflix in August

By Kara Santos Published Jul 17, 2023 2:54 pm

How long do you think you would last in an actual zombie apocalypse?

A new Korean horror reality series set in Seoul will put real life contestants in scenarios similar to scenes from popular zombie series and movies like All of Us Are Dead, Train to Busan, and #Alive.

Netflix recently unveiled a teaser for the upcoming zombie survival reality series Zombieverse, which will debut next month.

“Since Korea is famous for our zombies, we decided to take the genre to the next level with Zombieverse, where contestants are fighting for survival as Seoul comes under a zombie attack,” according to the streamer.

The reality series will put an all-star cast of South Korean entertainers amidst a zombie apocalypse where they must fight for survival in various challenges. Zombieverse contestants include Sweet Home actress Lee Si-young, entertainer Ro Hong-chul from The Hungry and the Hairy, comedian and DJ Park Na-rae, Japanese singer Tsuki from Billie, and more.

As seen in the teaser video, the cast members must complete tasks, find food, transportation, shelter, and other items to survive and stay in the game. The zombies are depicted as hordes of patients exhibiting "unusual, violent symptoms" from an unknown infection. If any of the team members “get bitten” during challenges, they must be left behind.

To make the set more realistic, the production team involved the art team from All of Us Are Dead while the zombies were reportedly trained by choreographers of the period horror streaming series Kingdom. Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast the undead?

With the popularity of recent Korean reality shows such as Physical: 100, Single’s Inferno, and Siren: Survive the Island, along with the exciting horror concept, Zombieverse is sure to be a hit among horror and reality show fans. 

Get ready to be bitten by the zombie bug on August 8, 2023. Check out the official teaser trailer for Zombieverse below.