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Netizens express joy, sepanx as Maria Clara and Ibarra airs finale

By Melanie Uson Published Feb 25, 2023 1:13 pm Updated Feb 25, 2023 5:40 pm

The story of Maria Clara, Ibarra, Fidel, and Klay may have come to an end, but the tears, comfort, and learnings they gave are surely engraved on their fans' hearts. 

GMA 7’s Maria Clara and Ibarra are deemed by viewers as one of the best historical-themed television shows ever created. It has maintained its hype since its release in October 2022, so much so that it was extended for another week from its original finale airing date on February 17 to February 24. 

As the show finally ended, their fans can’t help feel satisfied and at the same time anxious , as the finale was able to tie up a proper conclusion to Maria Clara (Julie Anne San Jose) and Ibarra (Dennis Trillo),  as well as the popular Fidel (David Licauco) and Klay (Barbie Forteza) loveteam.

And of course, tears of pain as they bid goodbye to the show that has become their source of comfort for almost every night at 8 p.m. 

Since its airing last night up to this writing, “Maria Clara” has been on the trending topic list, collating fans’ varying reactions to the finale of the beloved show. 

Warning: Spoilers ahead! 

MCI writers put their own twist on Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, which were both the inspiration for the beloved series. Unlike in the book where main characters Maria Clara and Crisostomo Ibarra both died, the television series gave the two the proper conclusion viewers never knew they needed.

In the finale episode, Maria Clara and Ibarra were seemingly reincarnated as a married couple. Ibarra is a doctor named Barry and, apparently, is the grandson of Professor Torres. Meanwhile, Maria Clara is a music teacher named Clarisse. The couple is expecting their first child.

Recalling the two lovers' tragedy in Rizal's story, fans can't help but rejoice at their ending.

Meanwhile, the series also gave the crowd’s favorite OTP (One True Pair) FiLay a happy ending. 

Klay, who was introduced in the series as a Gen Z nursing student, ended up graduating and becoming a doctor. 

In the last scene of the finale episode, she was guided by a firefly into the woods. It was then that Fidel magically appeared from behind and seemingly became a bookkeeper like Professor Torres. Fidel ended the scene, promising Klay that they will no longer be part of their lifetime. "Wala ng babu," he said.

With this much-awaited reunion, fans can't help but rejoice as Klay was reunited with her Fidel from the book, unlike Maria Clara and Ibarra who she met in their reincarnated forms.

Other than the two lovers' conclusion, MCI also seemingly teased a possible "multiverse."

In the scene, a woman is seen telling Professor Torres that there seems to be trouble, or "may kagipitan," happening elsewhere. To which Mr. Torres replied, "Saang libro?" The woman responded, "Sa Ibong Mandaragit, Sir."

Mga Ibong Mandaragit is a novel written by Amado V. Hernandez that centers on socio-political issues and the Philippine revolution.

Despite leaving its viewers with more questions to think about, like how Fidel went to Klay's world or if the series is bound to have a multiverse, the series definitely succeeded in resonating and capturing their viewers' hearts and minds.

It goes to show that Maria Clara and Ibarra consistently delivered their promise to give its supporters a quality historical-themed drama where they experienced a roller-coaster of feelings and, at the same time, were reminded of their Filipino roots and the beauty of Philippine history.