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6 heartwarming children’s shows to bring out the inner child in every millennial

By Hannah Mallorca Published Sep 09, 2021 6:35 pm

Netizens were caught in nostalgic bliss after Steve addressed his abrupt exit from Blue’s Clues on its 25th anniversary. As a result, many can’t help but recall their fond childhood memories such as catching their favorite shows on TV. 

There’s something about children’s shows in the 1990s to 2000s that makes them worth remembering. They feature heartwarming plots, wholesome characters, and lessons for school, work, and life. Back in the day, these shows were a way for millennials to relax after school. 

Aside from Blue’s Clues, we’ve rounded up a list of children’s shows that are familiar to any millennial. Because you’re never too old to get in touch with your inner child.


Do you remember Charli, Kathleen, Nathan, Kellie, and Tim—the five performers who helped you learn through music, movement, and games? 

Hi-5 is a show that focuses on music as a key part of teaching kids how to count, read, solve problems, and more. Aside from the cast, it also includes the adorable five-legged alien Jup Jup and energetic Chatterbox the worm. Don’t judge us but the songs Celebrate and L-O-V-E (Happy) are so catchy. 

Bear in the Big Blue House

Just play the Goodbye Song by Bear and Luna the Moon at the end of each episode and a millennial will try their best not to cry. 

Each episode of the Bear in the Big Blue House feels like kindergarten or preschool since the characters focus on a certain theme. For example, Bear and his friends would sing songs, tell jokes, and tell stories about a theme revolving around “sleep,” “love,” or “friendship.” It then wraps up with Bear singing the well-loved Goodbye Song with his best friend Luna. 

The Backyardigans

Quick, confess your childhood dream job. Did you dream of becoming a secret agent, castaway, or a Viking? The Backyardigans can help you with that.

This animated children’s series centers on five animal neighbors—Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha and Austin—who imagine themselves on fun adventures in their backyard. It includes fun songs, impressive vocals and dances, and wholesome moments that make you want to experience them on your own. 

Barney & Friends

You’re living under a rock if you haven’t heard of I Love You by Barney. This popular children’s song is so heartwarming, you'd probably wipe a tear if you heard it again.

The children’s show features Barney, a purple dinosaur, who comes to life from a plush doll. The dinosaur then goes into various adventures with his friends, with fellow dinosaurs Baby Bop, BJ, and Riff tagging along. The episode ends after the characters sing I Love You

Art Attack

The British children’s show, which revolves around art, feels like a creative outlet for millennials back in the day. It allows kids to get in touch with their artistic side through paper-mâchés, paintings, sketches, and of course, the iconic “Big Art Attack.”

The “Big Art Attack” is one of the most popular sections of every episode since it features the host creating an image using only clothing, jewelry, papers, and other spare objects lying around.

Dora the Explorer


Thanks to Dora, every millennial who’s fond of going out has probably been teased with this moniker at least once. 

Dora the Explorer is an animated series that focuses on Dora and her best friend Boots as they travel to a certain location. She’s accompanied by her talking purple backpack and map which guide her along the way. However, their trips are sometimes interrupted by the masked thief Swiper.

Banner and thumbnail photos from Nick Jr.