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Smize at the ready: How to do the viral .5 Gen Z selfie

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Dec 01, 2022 8:16 pm

Ahh, Gen Z trends. The Internet can't live with them, can't live without them.

With the number of ways you can showcase yourself online, have you come across the viral .5 wide-angle selfie that's been taking over the Gen Z timelines? If you haven't, let us enlighten you.

The viral selfie basically involves taking a page from the Y2K trend of flip phones and above-your-head selfie angles. This time around, Gen Z is foregoing the front camera and making use of their smartphones' multiple back cameras.

It looks a little something like this, as seen on Madison Hu and Olivia Rodrigo (lurking stares encouraged):

No description available.

If you're raring to channel your inner Gen Z, or at least try out this trending selfie angle, read on to find out.

Do take note that the phone we'll be using is an iPhone with a 0.5 wide angle. The settings might be different for an iPhone without a wide angle, or an Android.

Step 1: Go to Camera and set it to the back camera

Though you can also use the front camera at a wide angle, there's a certain appeal to using the back camera instead. It also gives a wider view of the surroundings (plus, the added "surprise" after taking a snap).

Step 2: Set the angle to ultra-wide, or 0.5x

This is the very reason why it's called the .5 selfie in the first place.

Step 3: Turn on the flash

This part is often forgotten, but pretty vital. A .5 selfie without the flash is like ice cream without toppings, there's just something fun missing there.

Step 4: Turn your camera around, hold out your arm, and strike a pose

Think of your arm like a selfie stick and take a solo selfie or one with the gang! The darker the surroundings, the better. Just remember to not hold it up too high unless you just want a view of your scalp.

Here are a few samples taken on my phone with the exact same settings. See the difference that a dark setting makes, although taking the viral selfie in the light looks great too!

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Here's Gen Z influencer Ashley Garcia also striking a full-body shot in the daylight. Plus points for her very Gen Z chunky headphones.

There's truly something about the trend that offers something different than the usual straight-ahead selfie angle.

Although it's not something that you have to do for every selfie, it definitely makes for great and memorable photos, especially when you're hanging out with a big group of friends.

Now it's your turn to try out the .5 selfie angle!