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10 feel-good shows to lift your spirits

By Hannah Mallorca Published Nov 27, 2020 2:40 am

By now, most of us have adjusted to how the world has become. Despite this, we long for the hope and inspiration to move forward.

For some, watching a TV series is a source of comfort during this time. Seeing the faces of your favorite characters or long-awaited scenes is a way to connect with joy—even through the screen.

Here are 10 feel-good shows that can boost your spirits and make you feel you’re not alone.

Anne with an E

Photo from Netflix

Bookworms who are familiar with the classic children’s book series Anne of Green Gables shouldn’t miss out on this entertaining reimagination.

Just like the story, brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert adopt 13-year-old Anne Shirley in 1896.

The TV series features Anne’s mischievous adventures as she matures into an intelligent and headstrong young woman. It’s a heartwarming watch that’s perfect after a stressful day at work or when you want to unwind. 


Photo from Warner Bros. Television

Life is difficult—but it’s easier to conquer it with the right people by your side.

Follow Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller’s adventures as single 20-somethings in New York City. Every episode features the group’s hangouts in their respective apartments, romantic adventures, career ups and downs, and more.

Who can forget hilariously iconic lines, such as “We were on a break,” “Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?” and “They don’t know that we know they know we know?”

If you’ve finished this series way before the quarantine, it doesn’t hurt to go back for another marathon.

How I Met Your Mother

Photo from Netflix

It’s been a while since you hung out with your barkada in a bar. Admit it, you’ve missed those times especially after a tiring day at work.

Bring back those moments as you hang out with Ted Mosby, Robin Scherbatsky, Barney Stinson, Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin and Tracy McConnell in this classic 2005 TV series.

This sitcom follows a group of friends (also) in New York City as they go through their love lives, career paths and personal journeys where no one gets left behind. It mainly revolves around the adventures of Ted as he tells his children in 2030 how he met their mother.

Despite the funny moments and jokes, there are many episodes where things get very real, tugging at your heartstrings in the best way possible.

For people who have finished the series and hate the ending, you can always watch the alternate ending that’s available online.

Modern Family

Photo from Amazon

This sitcom is one of the most heartwarming shows you’ll ever watch. Not everyone is blessed with an ideal family, but the show makes you feel that you’re a part of them.

As the name suggests, the family mockumentary sitcom revolves around three different types of families and their respective life journeys. The TV series features nuclear, blended and same-sex families living in Los Angeles, California.

Reply series

Photo by Soompi

For those who are getting into K-Dramas and want to explore the classics, don’t miss out on the Reply series.

The Reply series, namely Reply 1997, Reply 1994 and Reply 1988 revolve around groups of friends as the timeline goes from present to past. While many of us can’t relate to the ‘80s and ‘90s, every season showcases snippets of pop culture in South Korea and heartwarming moments.

It features unforgettable memories such as fangirling or fanboying to your favorite band, meeting up with friends in a certain house, or living far from home to pursue your studies.

Rick and Morty

Photo from Comedy Central

You can never be too old for an animated series, especially with a sitcom like Rick and Morty. 

The series tells the story of the Smith family household that includes Jerry, Beth, Morty Summer and Beth’s father Rick. Even if takes place in an American household, it also takes place in several alternate realities. The characters travel to other dimensions and planets through Rick’s flying car.

If you’re wondering why some parts of the series are familiar, it’s because the series is originally a parody of the 1985 science fiction film Back to the Future.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Photo from VH1

Do you have the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to be “America’s next drag superstar?”

With 12 seasons so far, you can watch every episode at once—prepare to lose sleep and shed some tears as we witness every drag queen’s personal journey in the competition.

Want more Drag Race superstars? Don’t miss out on its spinoff shows RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked, RuPaul’s Drag U, RuPaul's Celebrity Drag Race, and RuPaul's Drag Race UK.

Every episode feels like a wild ride with all the funny moments, challenges and unforgettable lines that you’ll be quoting in your everyday life.


Photo credits by Soompi

Succeeding in the start-up industry is daunting—and it’s a journey worth taking.

This K-drama tells the story of professionals who are working in start-ups in the Korean Silicon Valley. New episodes are available every week so you can catch up on the story at your own pace.

Aside from the visual attack of Suzy and Nam Joo-Hyuk, be inspired to shoot for success as the characters start out in their career paths until they eventually grow into the best version of themselves.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Photo from NBC

An oldie but goodie, this sitcom stars Will Smith in a fictional retelling of himself as a teenager who moved in with his Uncle Phil and Aunt Vivian in their Bel Air mansion.

Will’s humble working-class background clashes with the upper-class way of living of Uncle Phil, Aunt Vivian and his cousins Ashley, Carlton, and Hilary. 

Even if some of the references are hard to understand at first, you’ll be clutching your stomach in laughter as you explore Will’s adventures. 

The Good Place

Photo credits by Cinemablend

Death can be a scary topic to discuss—especially if you’re not yet ready—but you can’t help but wonder what can happen in the afterlife.

This TV series is set in an afterlife where people can be sent to the “the Good Place” or “the Bad Place” after death. Every human being’s fate will be defined by a score that’s based on their goodness (or bad) when they’re still alive.

The series ended in January 2020, but you can binge-watch all of its episodes. Spoiler alert, it gained praise for its unique and original ending.

While it’s admittedly difficult to narrow down feel-good shows in a Top 10 list, these TV series can hopefully be your comfort blanket in this difficult time.

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