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Lone swordsman battles 400 in ‘Crazy Samurai’ film trailer

By Argie Aguja Published Jan 13, 2021 1:27 am

In the history of Japanese swordsmanship, few figures can rival the greatness of revered samurai and poet Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645).

His unique double-bladed swordsmanship and undefeated record in 61 duels is the stuff of legend, and a new movie based on his life will get to capture a glimpse of how crazy and cool his sword skills were.

A new trailer from the martial arts film that’s based on his life—aptly titled Crazy Samurai: 400 vs. 1—previews tons of sword-fighting action, teasing one hell of a crazy action sequence.

The two-minute trailer opens with hundreds of swordsmen gathering to ambush Musashi. But the expected one-sided fight didn’t turn out as planned, as a cunning Musashi cuts down the horde of enemies to emerge alive in the seemingly inescapable deathtrap. One particular portion of the movie that’s a must-watch is a 77-minute single-take action scene. Yes, that’s one continuous shot that was done without any cuts or edits.

Crazy Samurai: 400 vs. 1 follows the adventures of Musashi, as played by Japanese martial arts icon Tak Sakaguchi.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

“In 1604, Miyamoto Musashi attacked the Yoshioka family at their dojo and defeated master Seijuro and his younger brother Denshichiro in two duels. To save their reputation, the Yoshioka family decides to fight back with all 100 family members and hire an additional 300 mercenaries. Now Musashi sets out to defeat all 400 enemies in his most famous battle, earning a place in history as the Crazy Samurai Musashi.”

Crazy Samurai: 400 vs. 1 has a runtime of approximately 92 minutes, and most of it highlights some pretty intense sword-fighting action, helmed by director Yuji Shimomura. It will debut martial arts streaming website HI-YAH! on Feb. 12, 2021, before arriving on digital, Blu-ray, and DVD on Mar. 2 from global distributor Well Go USA Entertainment.

Watch the action-packed trailer below.