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These 13 'dad-friendly' songs can introduce him to the crazy world of K-pop

By Hannah Mallorca Published Jun 11, 2021 4:31 pm

It can be tricky to introduce your dad to K-pop. For starters, you can’t avoid the generation gap. It is also tough to shake off possible doubts and preconceived notions regarding the genre. 

But what better way to say “Happy Father’s Day” than by curating a special K-pop playlist for your dad? It could also be a great way to express your love and suggest new songs that he can listen to.

If you’re stumped on which K-pop songs to add to your Father’s Day playlist, we’ve listed down 13 tracks to help you get started.

(For full versions of these song previews, sign in to your Spotify account.)

Switch to Me by RAIN and J.Y. Park

A callback to the disco craze of the ‘70s, Switch to Me is a collab between veteran artists Rain and J.Y. Park. The song sounds like something that your dad would play on his cassette tapes in his youth. TWICE’s Chaeyoung and Dahyun also made a cover of this song.

Mr. Ambiguous by Mamamoo

Mamamoo has always stayed true to its jazz and R&B roots. Their debut song Mr. Ambiguous is proof. The song has a classy vibe which can be played while he’s busy at work. 

Yanghwa BRDG by ZION.T

Yanghwa BRDG is about reminiscing simpler times with your father. It’s emotional to listen to since it talks about the child (presumably the eldest) who is assuring his dad that they are capable enough to take care of the family. 

Sorry (Dear. Daddy) by f(x)

Many fathers have a complicated relationship with their children. Sorry (Dear. Daddy) is a ballad that talks about the difficulty of reaching out to your dad. So, if you’re going through a rough patch with your papa, perhaps this song is a good way to express your feelings. 

Father by BTOB

Not all dads are expressive with their emotions, especially when it comes to saying “I love you.” This heartfelt track was an opportunity for BTOB to thank their appas for raising them well. The group also described the song as a “love message” to all fathers as well. 

Like Water by Red Velvet’s Wendy

Prepare your tissues because Like Water is a song to tell your father how much you love him. The track feels like a warm embrace since Wendy describes love as “water that fills your sore spots.”

Milky Way by Red Velvet

Heavenly voices and eargasmic harmonies—that is Red Velvet’s music for you. If your dad has reservations about K-pop, this track can convince him that they are indeed great singers. Fun fact: this song is actually a tribute to Boa on her 20th anniversary in showbiz. 

Daydream by IZ*ONE

If your father enjoys long drives, this song is perfect to blast in his car. This track is very addictive—especially when he’s cruising on the expressway—which is guaranteed to put him in a good mood for the day. 

Feel Special by TWICE

While Feel Special is a song that talks about friendship, the lyrics can also be a heartwarming message to give your dad. Fathers are known for exerting a lot of effort for their families. This track is a great way to make him “feel special” after serving as the head of the family. 

Anpanman by BTS

Make your dad feel like a superhero with Anpanman. While fathers may not be as strong as Superman or as intelligent as Iron Man, they are heroes in their own right. Who knows, this song might be the one that will convert him into an ARMY. 

Don’t Fight the Feeling by EXO

Before your dad scoffs at “another boy band song,” Don’t Fight the Feeling is an upbeat track that motivates him to rise above challenges. This uplifting song can boost your dad’s spirit when he’s about to start his day.

Through the Night by IU

Your dad sometimes needs a break from the stress of life. Perhaps Through the Night is the song that can accompany him during his alone time. It’s a relaxing track that can also be a peaceful lullaby when he’s having a hard time sleeping.

Flower Way by Kim Sejeong

Flower Way is the track to remind your father that you’re doing well in life. Sejeong returns to her childhood where she’s always under her parents’ guidance. As it ends, the tone becomes hopeful where she assures her parents that she’ll help them walk on a “flower way” for the rest of their lives.