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13 naughty K-Pop songs if you want to get down with your lover on Valentine’s Day

By Hannah Mallorca Published Feb 10, 2021 7:43 am Updated Feb 11, 2022 2:52 pm

Sexy time, like any part of the day, needs a K-Pop playlist in the background.

Many K-Pop songs usually talk about love or the innocence of having a crush, so it’s refreshing to discover that there are bops about the rush of running your hands on someone’s body and reaching your peak.

Actually, you may already be singing or dancing to that upbeat tune now, without realizing the lyrics. Anyhow, if you’re unsure of what to listen to this Valentine’s Day, we’ve listed down 13 songs perfect for your makeout playlist, with tidbits of why they’re naughty.

Stay home and stay safe!

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Mmmh by Kai

Eight years after debuting as the center and main dancer of EXO, Kai made his mark as a solo artist with Mmmh. The lyrics: “You make me feel so mm-mhm, breathe out and exhale like mhm” feel like a description of getting intimate with a lover. 

Heaven’s Day by Changmin

Heaven’s Day showcases TVXQ! Changmin’s abilities as a lyricist. This song talks about the exhilaration of sex where he describes it as “a scene I’ll never forget.” If you think this song is sensual, search for the live stage on YouTube—you’re welcome. 

I Love It by Dean and Dok2

Solo artist Dean or “Deanfluenza” is a force in K-Pop for his artistry in songwriting and production. I Love It, which talks about lovemaking, is no exception. He has also written and produced songs for groups like EXO, VIXX, and Lee Hi. 

10 Seconds by AOA

The rush of “feeling my fire” during a hot makeout is described in 10 Seconds. This song was released in 2016 and promoted alongside AOA’s comeback single Good Luck

No Reason by XIA 

No Reason flaunts XIA’s soulful and agile voice at his best. In this song, he asks his partner to “softly go over me like a sweet lollipop and feel me.” 

Full Moon by Sunmi ft. Lena

The hypnotic and sultry Full Moon talks about “whispering love” to your partner during the full moon. Due to its popularity, it was covered by many K-Pop idols such as LOONA and former I.O.I members Kyulkyung, Chaeyeon, and Sohye in the reality show Produce 101

Ace by Taemin

Ace is one of the songs that showcases Taemin’s star power as a soloist. The song talks about “mindlessly moving” with a lover and how he’s different from “those indifferent guys.” Fun fact: this was also written by Changmin.

Whisper by Girls’ Generation-TTS

Girls’ Generation is known for their strong vocals and stage presence. The sensual song Whisper is no exception, even if it’s only performed by the subunit TTS. The song was released in 2014 as part of the subunit’s second mini-album. 

Nobody Else by Monsta X

The “fast breathing and rhythm” of lovemaking is described in Nobody Else, which explores Monsta X’s mature side. The group’s center Hyungwon is credited as one of the song’s lyricists.

Love Talk - English Version by WayV

The provocative theme and lyrics of Love Talk were enough to render WayZenNis and NCTzens speechless. The “national hoe anthem of China,” according to many K-Pop forums, was released in 2019 in English and Chinese. 

Kiss My Lips by Boa

Don’t be fooled by this song’s dreamlike and elegant vibe. This self-composed and self-written song by Boa is an alluring invite for a lover to kiss her without any hesitations. 

Sex Trip by Jay Park

The explicit Sex Trip is one of Jay Park’s many hit songs. What makes this song stand out, however, is how it talks about how the lover’s “ass will go up and your face will go down” in a confident and provocative way.

Body by MINO 

Body is one of rapper Mino’s self-composed and self-written songs released in 2016. The sensual lyrics lovingly describes a lover’s body from “your head to toes.” A rated 15+ music video was released in the same year. 

Banner photo from Mmmh official music video