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Spotify’s new ‘Blend’ playlists say if you have matching music tastes with someone. Here’s how to make one

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Sep 02, 2021 7:24 pm

Musical vibe check.

Spotify has rolled out “Blend,” a new playlist add-on that compares your music taste to another user. The feature collects users' preferences and merges their musical tastes into one playlist curated just for them.

Unlike the collaborative playlist that already exists on the app, Blend chooses the music for you so it's a new shared experience for both parties. It also regularly updates the song selections.

Blend was introduced as a beta in June 2021 and it's now seeing a worldwide rollout.

Want to make a blend with someone? Here’s how.

  1. Go to the Search tab on the Spotify app and click on 'Made for you'

2. Once there, there will be a 'Create a Blend' button under 'Made for two.'

3. From there, you can choose to invite a friend via a link to start melding your music tastes. The playlist's title will automatically be “[Person] + [you]." Your invited partner must also be a Spotify user for the feature to work. 

The new feature only works for two people. You can also share your blended playlist on social media once it's completed.

“I think the thing that makes Blend such a unique product is the way it helps people find common ground with one another. Blend is one of the first products we’ve developed that requires multi-user personalization,” shared Spotify's Product Manager Arjun Narayen.

“Each time I make a Blend with someone there’s this awesome moment when we discover which artists and songs we both like and get to bond over how we discovered that artist or when we saw them in concert.”

Banner photo from Spotify