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Spotify’s ‘Only You’ reveals how weird our listening habits can be. Here’s how to find yours

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Jun 04, 2021 8:32 pm

With Spotify users anticipating the annual Spotify Wrapped round-up at the end of every year, the streaming giant has introduced a new mid-year feature that lays out users’ unique little listening quirks.

Similar to their Wrapped feature, the newly introduced Only You is a sharable in-app story that shows each and everyone's streaming behavior. With over 365 million Spotify users worldwide, it's a curious reminder that nobody really does listen like us - and Spotify knows it.

Only You showcases a variety of information, namely:

  • Unique Artist Pairs: The app pairs off two artists with two very different genres that you like listening to.
  • Listening Through Time: This shows how many years you've listened depending on your top tracks
  • Unique Genre Combination: Similar to the Unique Artist Pairs, the Unique Genre Combination stretches your tastes to the very limit.

  • Unique moments: Listening to a breakup song in the dead of night? Yep, Spotify tracks that—and they've got the Story to prove it.

  • Dream Dinner Party: This customizable feature lets users curate their own dinner guests with choices coming from their top artists.

There’s also a rare Audio Birth Chart option, with Spotify choosing artists that symbolize one's Big Three astrological placements: Sun (top artist over the past six months), Moon (emotional artist), and Rising (a recent new favorite).

To check out your very own Only You story, simply go to the Spotify app and it can be seen under the Search tab. From there, you can click through your results and watch Spotify air your dirty musical laundry.

Are your listening habits really all that weird?