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5 Pinoy-made apps for the everyday go-getter

By AUDRIE JULIENNE BERNAS Published May 20, 2022 3:00 pm Updated Jan 27, 2023 5:10 pm

We can all agree that we're living a fast-paced life, specially now that almost all our needs rely on the convenience of an Internet connection or mobile data.

So how can we improve our day-to-day routine? We all deserve to have the most useful apps to serve our essential needs — it’s the little things that matter. Sometimes, it’s not always about being active on our Instagram stories, having random takes on the most mundane things on Twitter, or sharing memes on Facebook. We gotta look at the bigger picture, too, and these apps could surely help!

If you want to be always on-the-go for all your mobile needs wherever you may be, try these Pinoy-developed apps, free of use:

Gabay. Gabay is an accessibility-forward application that caters to PWDs through volunteers anytime, anywhere. With a click of a button, PWD users can book on-the-spot assistance or schedule one ahead of time and a match volunteer will help them.

Pic-a-Talk. Pic-a-Talk is an assistive mobile application for nonverbal children with special needs, with speech features to help them communicate. Featuring a minimalist user interface, the application is easy to use with a tap of a button; users choose an object from a selection of images to represent the word that was accompanied by an audio. These range from central daily activities and numbers to clothing and toiletries.

Trash Cash. Trash Cash is an AI-based waste recognition application where users can turn their plastic trash into rewards. The app works by allowing users to scan discarded plastic materials through their smartphones and collect the items for proper segregation and disposal. The users may earn trash points once they deposit the collected materials to the nearest drop-off site.

Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure. Prison Escape is an adventure gaming application with the objective of escaping the Old City prison and Alcatraz or remote course island. This addictive puzzle adventure forces you to use your mental capabilities and logical thinking to find a way to challenge us. For busy bees who want their brains to always be working at random hours of the day, this game is perfect for you!

Sakay PH. Sakay PH is an innovative application built to get you where you need to be while saving you time, money, and effort. Users simply input their starting point and destination, and the service comes up with a list of routes and an accompanying map showing the jeeps or buses the user should take, where to get off, and an estimate of how much to pay.

This proudly Pinoy-made app is sure to be a staple in your mobile experience once you give it a try — and share it with your family and friends for them to enjoy themselves!