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9 Filipino-made podcasts for every pop culture fan

By Jim Bea Sampaga Published Feb 28, 2022 11:43 am

There’s nothing wrong with binge-watching our favorite TV shows and movies, but with our ever-increasing reliance on device monitors, it’s time to look or listen for another source of entertainment.

I spend so much of my time reading, writing and working on my laptop that I lost the ability to fully enjoy my favorite movies and TV shows in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Desperate to reconnect with my favorite entertainment franchise as a tired and eye-strained fan, I turned to podcasts. Luckily, I found Marvel-produced podcasts to satisfy my MCU-lover heart. It also jump-started my journey in exploring podcasts by Filipino creators.

I’ve been listening to Filipino podcasts for more than a year now, but I never found an MCU-themed podcast show locally. That’s when I turned from a podcast listener to a podcast host.


Over the holiday break, I started, recorded, and edited my podcast show called The Pinoy MCU Fan. And exactly like the title, I talk about everything and anything MCU in this podcast.

From reviewing films and TV shows to sharing theories, I am currently five episodes in and counting. I plan to be consistent in releasing episodes that take a deep dive into various MCU topics.

And as a beginner, I hope to eventually improve the quality sound of my show as I am currently recording on a beginner microphone. But I will always strive to create meaningful and educational episodes for me and fellow MCU fans to enjoy.

Before I officially committed to the tasks, responsibilities and goals of creating and maintaining a podcast, I did my research and in the process, I found local podcast shows that fellow Filipino fans will enjoy.

Currently, Spotify hosts 3.2 million podcast titles on its platform. In our country, the Filipino podcast hosting and listening community continues to grow.

With such a wide array of topics and shows to choose from, here are eight fellow Filipino-made podcasts for every fan out there to tune into.

Cine Files


Hosted by Jerfe and Ron, who describe themselves as self-proclaimed cinephiles, this podcast show covers everything related to movies: from film reviews, rundowns, watchlists to the best movie villains, visuals, and tropes.

They also feature collaboration episodes where they invite guests to talk about specific topics in film such as best movie soundtracks and LGBT+ representation. 

The Kimbop! Show

Filipino fans will surely enjoy this podcast as The Kimbop! Show features episodes that take a deep dive into K-Pop, K-Drama and pop culture.

The Tita Gang, composed of Zee, Michy and Aila, covers topics that are celebrated or often hidden in the culture of stanning Korean entertainment. From stan culture and K-Pop taking over the western industry to the gender inequality and sexism in the K-industry, the gang is not the ones who shy away from topics worth discussing. 

Geek PD

To my fellow geeks, your local geektectives Drei, Migs and Ian are here! Geek PD is all about geeky games, films and TV shows that impact pop culture.

At the precinct (a term they cleverly call their podcast show), the geektectives review MCU and DC Extended Universe releases, discuss the iconic portrayals of Sherlock Holmes and even debate whether subtitles or voice dubs are better for anime.

The Gamesilog Show

Gamers unite! This podcast show is all about the latest news and the ups and downs of playing video games.

Hosted by Jhaz, The Gamesilog Show features game reviews of the latest and trending video games, mobile games, game consoles and more. Beyond the gameplay, the show also explores the gaming culture and communities in Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and more!


In this podcast show, host Christine is making sure you are getting your dose of terrifying Filipino true crime cases beyond TV shows and documentaries.

LAGIM is all about giving you the full rundown on tragedies of different crime cases such as murders, massacres and attacks to name a few. To shed light on important issues such as violence against women, LGBT+ and POC, the show featured cases on young actress Pepsi Paloma, transwoman Jennifer Laude and Filipino-American Angelo Quinto.

Haynayan at Agham

Do you love science? Or are you just actively curious about the world we live in? Haynayan at Agham’s Sir Red is here to give you the scientific answers to your most random questions!

From explaining DNA structures and mutations to smelly farts and the dream of never sleeping, the show tackles the processes and definitions behind these scientific facts while exploring their impact on the contemporary world. 

Muni-Muni Stories

Do you want to learn more about your favorite OPM song? Muni-Muni Stories is the podcast for you!

In a partnership between Filipinas Heritage Library and OPM Archive, the show invites its listeners to reflect on OPM’s impact on our pop culture. The first season of Muni-Muni Stories feature guests such as Pia Magalona, Saab Magalona-Bacarro, Raymund Marasigan, Up Dharma Down, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Zia Quizon and Karylle to name a few.

Usapang Podcast

And to my fellow podcast creators, this show is for you! Preparing and recording for a podcast is scary at first but once it’s published, it’s the most accomplished and rewarding feeling ever.

With hosts Roma and Jeric, Usapang Podcast guides fellow podcasters to keep the creative juices flowing by giving tips when it comes to planning content topics ahead, the best microphone for recording and even helping creators to avoid podfading – the act of suddenly slowing or stopping uploading episodes in a podcast.

Amid the vast topics and shows currently available to stream, these are just the few Filipino podcast shows that I enjoy binge-listening to or have recommended to my fellow fanatic friends.

As an amateur podcast creator, these podcasts continue to show me the importance of deeply exploring the topics that we truly love the most: whether it be biology, films, K-Pop, OPM or video games.