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LISTEN: Five Marvel podcasts to keep you in the loop

By Jim Bea Sampaga Published Nov 29, 2021 3:47 pm

With the success of Shang-Chi and The Ten Rings and the building anticipation for upcoming releases Eternals and Spider-Man: No Way Home, Marvel is definitely on a roll this year.

But if you’re a Marvel fan, movies, series, comics and videos aren’t the only form of media you can consume to stay updated in the Marvel universe.

So, whether you’re chilling at work, cleaning your house or battling boredom, get your dose of Marvel fun and history through these five podcasts. 

This Week in Marvel


For starters, this fun podcast covers news and interviews about everything Marvel: movies, TV shows, comics, games and even collectible toy releases. 

Aside from keeping you up to date, This Week in Marvel hosts Ryan “Agent M” Penagos, Lorraine Cink and James Monroe Iglehart interview the actors, creators, writers and producers behind your favorite Marvel releases.

This podcast is also known for asking its guests and community a very geeky and on-theme question: What is your Marvel origin story?

Marvel’s Pull List 

With almost 5,000 series under the Marvel Comics index, it’s safe to say that the Marvel Universe is vast and filled with action-packed comic panels and intricate storylines.

Each week, Marvel’s Pull List hosts Ryan “Agent M” Penagos and Tucker Markus take a deep dive into fan-favorite comic book moments along with special guests from Marvel’s writers’ room, illustrators, producers and so much more.

Marvel’s Declassified

For history lovers, this one is for you. Hosted by Lorraine Cink and Evan Narcisse, Marvel’s Declassified is a narrative podcast that explores the ever-evolving history of Marvel Comics from a contemporary point of view.

Discover how World War II influenced Marvel comics and the creation of Captain America, how futuristic visions of technology shaped Iron Man and Black Panther, and how the amazing world of the Spider-Verse also happened beyond its comic book pages.

Women of Marvel


Marvel’s Women of Marvel celebrates the people of all backgrounds who create and inspire everything Marvel, from comic books, movies and tv shows.

The show also features interviews with celebrities, academics and musicians to talk about their favorite Marvel comics.

Marvel’s Wastelanders


Venturing into radio drama podcasts, the Wastelanders Series takes us to a post-apocalyptic world wherein super villains teamed up to kill heroes and seize control of the world thirty years earlier.

The podcast series follows the Earth’s remaining surviving heroes as they live under the rule of villains such as Doctor Doom and Baron Helmut Zemo. The series currently has two seasons, Marvel’s Wastelanders: Star-Lord and Marvel’s Wastelanders: Hawkeye.

Season 1 features older versions of Peter "Star-Lord" Quill and Rocket Raccoon navigating a wasteland Earth to retrieve an ancient relic of cosmic powers, the Black Vortex.

With Season 2, Hawkeye, the sole survivor of the Avengers, is now a Carnival show performer to earn money for his family. But with the desire to avenge his friends, Hawkeye teams up with his 17-year-old daughter Ash on a secret mission.

Podcasts are a blast from the past with its radio-style shows. But it’s a great reminder that we can take a break from our devices without having to disconnect with our geeky selves.

With Marvel’s slate of non-fiction and fiction audio shows, podcasts might be the franchise’s future. The Marvel Audio Universe, anyone?