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Sequel for Taiwanese horror film 'Incantation' in the works

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Jul 28, 2022 4:54 pm

If you've watched the terrifying Taiwanese film Incantation and had nightmares because of it, you may want to prepare yourself for another round of scares and screams as the film is getting a part two.

In a virtual press conference on July 28, Kevin Ko, the director, revealed that the film already has a sequel in the works.

"I am in the planning stage for the sequel of Incantation. I always want to make the films about children, so the sequel will focus on the surviving kid, Duo Duo, and what the story will happen, so yes, there's a second movie coming up afterwards," Ko said through a translator.

In case the film streaming on Netlflix has slipped under your radar, Incantation is a supernatural horror film that relies primarily on the found footage technique. It currently holds the title of being the highest-grossing film at the Taiwan box office in 2022 as well as the top-earning Taiwanese horror film.

The film's story follows a woman named Ronan who, together with her friends, visits a remote village to document a clan who worship a mysterious deity they call Buddha-Mother for their internet channel. After breaking a religious taboo, Ronan is left traumatized by the incident.

Several years later, Ronan has recovered from the events that had occurred in the village and is now living with her daughter. However, their house soon becomes a hive of supernatural activities, and Ronan must now solve the mystery of the curse she has brought on her family before it is too late.

Tsai Hsuan-yen, who plays Ronan, confirmed that she will be involved in the sequel. She also shared that she is open in lending her skills as an actress in future horror projects.

"I am not limiting myself. I would like to try all kinds of genres, from comedy to haunted films to action movies," Hsuan-yen said.

Actor Kao Ying-hsuan, who plays as a counselor at the foster care center who takes care of Ronan's child, also shared his willingness in taking on more horror films.

When asked about why he decided to make curses and religious taboos as the theme for Incantation, Ko said that it was because he wanted to explore on the fear that certain people have towards worshiping a deity.

"When we think about religions in our culture, we actually [incorporate] elements of fear in our respect. So in this film, I want to maximize and expand the fear that we have towards religion," he said.

In terms of the inspiration for the deity, the chant, and the symbols used in the film, Ko explained, "At the beginning, when we designed all the statues, and all these symbols and characters, we have a lot of references in China, in other [Asian countries], from all the things that we have seen in the past, but we tried to make it convincing to the local audience."

Check out the trailer for Incantation below.