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Fangirl guide: Fall in love with Red Velvet by listening to their God-tier b-side tracks

By Hannah Mallorca Published Aug 16, 2021 6:22 pm Updated Sep 16, 2022 8:31 pm

Let’s be real. Red Velvet’s discography is a chef’s kiss—especially their b-side tracks.

It’s hard to miss out on the top-notch discography of the girl group Red Velvet if you got into K-pop for the music. Compared to other K-pop groups that focus on releasing catchy hits, Red Velvet makes sure to deliver high-quality albums in every comeback. Their stellar b-side tracks range from bubblegum pop, sultry R&B, to romantic ballads that it’s hard to choose a favorite song. 

If you're starting to get into Red Velvet, we've curated a list of our favorite b-side tracks that show the best of Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri.

Take note: This list doesn't contain b-sides from Red Velvet - Irene & Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri's solo releases.

Oh Boy

Oh Boy is one of the many songs that show off the abilities of Red Velvet’s vocal line. From Wendy’s powerful voice, Seulgi’s versatility, to Joy’s refreshing tone, it’s the track you need to recommend to someone who is getting into the girl group for the first time. 

La Rouge

Hardcore Reveluvs (Red Velvet’s fandom name) would recognize this retro-inspired track from a mile away. This jazzy song is a special gift to fans in their third solo concert from 2019 to 2020. This eargasmic song delivers the hypnotizing vocals that the girl group pulls off so well. 


If you want to take a break from listening to bubblegum-inspired tracks, Butterflies is a unique twist to the usual K-pop songs about love. This funky pop song compares the exhilarating feeling of love to the graceful movements of a butterfly. This track is also the perfect song to listen to while working out. 

Sunny Side Up!

Red Velvet showed fans that it’s possible to combine cute and sexy with the track Sunny Side Up. This song is so flirty and playful, it almost feels like the girl group is luring you into their spell. 

I Just

Just when fans think they know Red Velvet’s music to a tee, the girl group throws a curveball with their music. The dubstep—and the rock-inspired track features an overwhelming mix of the group’s vocal abilities and powerful instrumental. It’s also one of the reasons why “Perfect Velvet” is one of their best albums to date. 

Time To Love

Taken from their 2018 album “The Perfect Red Velvet,” Time to Love is a magical track that talks about falling in love for the first time. This romantic song is the perfect way to confess your feelings to your crush.

So Good

So Good is an unexpected addition to Red Velvet’s fifth mini-album “Really Bad Boy since it’s filled with fast-moving songs. This slow R&B track is sensual and sexy, as it talks about experiencing the “fluttering emotions” of a lover in the dark. 

Perfect 10

This slow-paced and sultry track is most likely on every Reveluv’s list of favorite b-side tracks. Perfect 10 is another song that shows off Red Velvet’s hypnotizing vocals, which starts with main vocalist Wendy’s ASMR-like whisper. This stellar track is so popular among fans, that it’s also featured on the group’s “Queens Archive” 7th-anniversary project.

Light Me Up

If you’re looking for a K-pop track that makes you feel like a K-drama heroine, Light Me Up is a perfect choice. This heartfelt song talks about love as a “light that keeps on shining brighter.”

With You

Summer is already over, but it doesn’t mean that you should stop listening to songs inspired by the beach or refreshing drinks. With You is a track that talks about summer love, where the significant other makes the sunny season “feel like Christmas.” 


Don’t be fooled by this song’s suggestive title. Taste talks about deciding which sweet treat to get from a vending machine. This catchy and easy-to-listen track is the perfect way to start your day on a brighter note.

Milky Way

This 2020 track has a special meaning for Reveluvs since it’s Red Velvet’s first group release since Wendy’s hiatus. It also features every member flexing their vocal skills as individuals until they finally harmonize into one. Milky Way is one of the songs that prove why this girl group is one of the strongest vocal groups in K-pop.

Eyes Locked, Hands Locked

Eyes Locked, Hands Locked is another Red Velvet song that captures the excitement of falling in love really well. This heavenly track is an invitation to a lover to “begin our strange love.”

Kingdom Come

This track is a mind-blowing surprise from Red Velvet as it shows off the girl group at their vocal best. It includes Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri flexing their vocal capabilities while harmonizing into one solid unit. This song is one of their best works to date, as of this writing. 

Cool Hot Sweet Love

Cool Hot Sweet Love starts out mysterious, until it lures curious listeners to the final note. The prominent synth and melodic urban vibe provide the perfect canvas for the group to show off the many sides of their vocal abilities. From playful croons, haunting low notes, and powerful belts, this song has it all. 

You Better Know

While the fresh Red Flavor is a cheerful hello to summer, the club-ready You Better Know is a track that’s perfect for your next beach party. The use of EDM is not in your face—since Red Velvet’s voices remain the star. Dance tracks are usually part of K-pop’s new normal, but this song is a strong sign that you don’t need to follow the typical formula to make a statement.

Somethin’ Kinda Crazy

Many K-pop songs talk about the innocence of first love, but Somethin’ Kinda Crazy raises up the bar by combining smooth-R&B and bubblegum-pop in one. A classy gem in Red Velvet’s discography which deserves a lot more attention.