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X users can now block unverified accounts from commenting on their posts

By Karmeena Eslava Published Oct 10, 2023 5:33 pm

The latest development in Elon Musk's platform X (formerly Twitter) is that users can now lock post replies and comments to verified accounts.

The feature, which was announced by X on Oct. 10, gives users the option to select the audience who can reply to their post—either everyone, verified accounts, accounts you follow, or only accounts you mentioned in your post.

If a user has opted to receive comments from paid users alone, those allowed to reply will receive a contextual message next to the post on their Home timeline. The message will inform them that they and any additional unrestricted users individuals have the option to reply or join in the conversation.

They will also receive a notification that they have been granted access to comment on the post if they enabled the "mention" push notifications in their accounts' setting.

While X has not yet released any other details on the new feature, it is said to be a move to urge its free subscribers to upgrade to a premium plan.

About 11 months ago, Musk launched paid verification through Twitter Blue, allowing users to get a blue checkmark by paying $7.99 per month.

According to tech outlet The Verge, this strategy increases the possibility that non-paying users find it more challenging to prevent the dissemination of false information in addition to accounts that have been forcibly verified. 

There is also an ongoing argument that requiring money, phone numbers, or even government ID verification for replies to accounts could reduce instances of abuse, trolling, and false information.

However, the continuous existence of bots with verified tags or a cursory review of the platform's present status rapidly disproves this assertion.

The new restriction, meanwhile, only applies to replies to a post. Users can still interact with posts with this limitation by liking, reposting, or voting in polls. Any comments or reposts will adhere to the limits you put in place for the original post. It does not, however, apply to "quote tweets" or tweets that users repost with their own comments.